Searching for End Tables.

So I have a chesterfield sofa in my living room, and I am currently trying to find new end tables that go with it. I think it can be tricky because the height of the arms is so tall, that I wonder if I should go with something taller than your average end table.

Zgallerie York 3 Drawer Night Stand

I really like these night stands here by Zgallerie, the York 3 Drawer Nightstand. Being a night stand makes it stand just a little taller than average, and I feel that the additional storage could be nice, but will it look goofy next to a small accent chair….this is what I am pondering.

side table roundup

wisteria contemporary side table/cb2 smart glass top side table/wisteria white geo side table/OKL antiqued end table/cb2 rose gold pedestal/okl gray side table/okl silver side table/okl gold geo table

I really like the Wisteria Contemporary Side table, and feel that the silver might compliment the rest of my living room nicely. I want to mix in a lot of different metals and since I already have some things in Gold and Brass this might be a nice option. I am also loving the little CB2 Rose Gold Pedestals and think they might be nice in between 2 little side tables. What do you guys think? Which are your favorites?

Bathroom Update

So the bathroom is still slowly coming along. You can see my previous posts here, I started with the One Room Challenge and I am not quiet done yet!

We were still on hold for a while because we were waiting for our faucet, now that the faucet is here we are now waiting for the counter tops to go in! But it is getting closer to actually being able to begin using it which is super exciting!

TNPLH: Tile Shower Progress

We finally have all the tile done and grouted. The top of the half wall will have marble to match the vanity. After consulting my sister (architect) she recommended a solid piece to match so there wouldn’t be any seems.

TNPLH: Bright Bathroom Vanity!

And my lovley vanity has been in for a couple weeks – just waiting for the counter top so we can begin using! I am just in love with the color. And currently contemplating wallpapers…..what do you think? Keep the walls white or add some spice with wallpaper?

Drapes in the Bathroom

So we continue to work on our bathroom, that we started in the One Room Challenge (see the most updated post here). My faucet finally came over the weekend so I am now able to get the counter tops measured for installation. All the tile is done, grouted. All the walls are now patched up and mudded. I also have some fun wallpaper samples that have been ordered. It is slowly coming together but it will be worth it when it is done!

As we finish up all these fixes, I have now have decor on my mind. Mainly what to do with the big window in the space. I’m kinda digging the idea of drapes. It feels like it makes a bathroom super cozy.






What do you think? Would you ever add some dramatic drapes in your bathroom?

Navy Guest Bedroom Inspiration

So last summer, well before we found our new house my husband and I found these awesome prints at a flea market we go to a lot. Here is just an online screen shot of the full series so you can get an idea of what they look like.

As I Open Fire Pics

They are called “As I open Fire” by Roy Lictenstein. When we first saw them I could see my husband was pumped. I mean like he couldn’t talk. They were fully framed and matted and the price was $500. After a couple minutes we walked away, and then I said to my husband, really I feel like 500 for fully matted and framed pictures is a pretty good deal (I mean framing these days is so expensive). He thought they were 500 for 1 not for all 3. He quickly continued googling their value, and the cheapest they were anyone online (unframed) was $500 all the way up to several thousand depending on the printing so I figured we were getting a good deal since they were framed and all. So we went back  (even negotiated down to 400) and brought them home, and ever since I have been decorating a room around them in my head.

I decided I wanted to incorporate a canopy bed into the room as well and I thought something with fabulous navy and white print fabric would be an amazing mix with the prints.

TNPLH Canopy Room Inspiration

Now for a fully draped canopy bed you need a LOT of fabric so I was pumped when I found this fabric on clearance for $7 a yard. I needed 22 yards so I pounced on it, I mean even $20 a yard adds up when you need more than 20 yards!

bedSo first on my agenda in the new house was to buy the above bed. Heaven! I thought it would be perfect with the prints and the fabric.

navy bedroom inspirationI haven’t decided on anything for the nightstands yet, but I don’t have much room so I need something small. I am going to wait until the bed is all set up with a mattress to see the height before I decide, but I was thinking some sort of garden stool would be cool.

ORC: Wk 6 Little Yellow House Bathroom 1

Good Morning! Today is the official “Reveal” day, the final day for the One Room Challenge lead by Calling it Home twice a year. It was my first time participating, and my husband and I took on quiet a challenge, our first bathroom remodel. I am sad to say we are no where near done, but I am still excited to show you where we are and hope to show my actual reveal in a couple weeks.

To start below are my previous weeks so you can catch up!

wk 5

wk 4



wk 1

Bathroom 1 #littleyellowhouserefresh

Bathroom 1 #littleyellowhouserefresh

This was the original bathroom that we started with – yuck!

Bathroom Remodel 5.7 - 4

My husband and I are doing the tiling ourselves, we are really doing the entire bathroom ourselves, so I probably took off more than I could chew when I said we could be done in 6 weeks (my poor husband).


Bathroom Remodel Progress 5.7 - 2

Bathroom Remodel Progress 5.7

Bathroom Remodel Progress 5.7 -3

I think it is looking good even though we are a little behind. My vanity, fixtures are not here yet. Lesson Learned: if you are trying to get a bathroom done in 6 weeks make sure you have all your supplies at the ready!

bathroom inspiration

orange cabinet inspiraiton

Here is what some of my inspiration looked like – I hope you stop back soon to see the actual reveal!

Little Yellow House Progress: Floors

When we first moved into our new house it was gross. I mean seriously gross. But one thing (that wasn’t as gross) was that the previous owner saw how gross the carpet throughout was and decided to re-carpet the entire house. Which is kind of a waste since we will eventually be tearing it all out. But since it is brand new and not too dirty or anything it will allow us to work on pulling it up and having the floor re-done in phases which is nice (and nice on the pocket book). So week one of us moving in we pulled up the carpet in the 2 first bedrooms to reveal some beautiful barley used hardwood floors.

Little Yellow House Master Bedroom Before 2

Little Yellow House Master Bedroom Before 3

Little Yellow House Guest Bedroom Before 1

Hardwood Floors After

I couldn’t believe the difference just pulling up the carpet and a new stain color made to make the house feel more homey. Right now we only have 2 rooms done. We will end up waiting on the living room, hallways and dinning room for a bit. Right now the carpet is providing a nice protective layer to ensure no scratches while we hall tools in and out.