ORC: Wk 4 There’s No Place Like Home Bathroom 1

So it is week 4 and at this point I am realizing a couple lessons of the challenge. But first. My husband and I have now been fulling moved into our new house for 5 weeks. Which feels crazy. I don’t’ give myself enough credit for all the things we have done in the house considering our short time here.

If you want to catch up from previous weeks see them below.

wk 1



Now, in the last week the one big thing we got done was evening out the cement for the floor to prep it for the tile. I was really hoping we would have gotten the tile done this past weekend, but the tile didn’t get delivered in a timely manner and so we lost a weekend. Flash back to the lesson I have learned in doing my first challenge — if you are going to take on such a big project as a bathroom, make sure all your supplies are here and ordered before it even begins so you don’t’ have these waiting games.

TNPLH: ORC Bathroom 1

before – bumpy floor – no good for tiles

One Room Challenge Wk 4 - 1

One Room Challenge Wk 4 - 2

after: nice smooth, level ready for tile!

Once again – my husband to the rescue getting this project done. First he did a nice layer of cement, and then he applied a layer of self leveling cement to get all the extra spots nice and even.

For the next week we hope to get the bathroom walled off and to get it tiled. We are also waiting for our lacquered vanity to get here, which I am hoping we will get this weekend – fingers crossed!!!

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