Design Crush: Kristen Kelli

I recently found the Dynamic Design Duo: Kristen Kelli (see their work and portfolio here). It was love at first sight. Grand and Gorgeous doesn’t even begin to describe the beautiful work they do.




I would love having such a space – just imagine the creative juices that would flow starting your day in this room.


I just love all the layering they do – makes the whole space feel so put together.



I love all their work with dramatic drapes



Tea Time

I love a good cup of tea. Those that know me, know that every day (weekend or not) I prefer my tea from a china tea cup (it just tastes better that way). My husband is a prince and delivers my tea each morning, rotating my cup (we wouldn’t want some of the children to feel left out). But, on the weekends I love to take it an extra step. What is more luxurious than having such a beautiful presentation on a Saturday morning. The best part of waking up!

tea time fit for a queen

william sonoma tea towel/world market tray/villeroy & boch tea cup/villeroy & boch tea saucer/mikasa cheveron black and white plates/my go to blueberry muffin recipe

Landscape Obsession: Boxwood & Hydrangeas

Now that we are home owners I have begun thinking about landscaping. We are blessed to be in a very developed neighborhood in terms of big trees and already nice landscaping. But the bushes in the front of our house, probably need to go. When I saw some landscaping like this a couple years ago I thought it was gorgeous. I love the way the boxwood provides a little fence for the beautiful hydrangeas.






What do you think?

Furniture Rescue: Lacquer Dresser

So when I first moved into the new house I shared this dresser I picked up at a consignment shop for my bedroom. My goal was to try and lacquer it. I did a lot of research online because I knew it was very difficult.

TNPLH: Craigslist Dresser

In the past the furniture I have re-done I just hand painted. But now that I have a house I was pumped to try out a new spray gun I got.

critter spray gun

You can buy it on amazon here. Some spray guns can get very pricey. This one is only $40 on amazon and it works great. It uses mason jars for the paint which makes clean up a bit easier. The only thing you have to watch is keeping it really clean. But after some you tube searches I found a number of videos posted by the company on how to clean, which was super nice and handy!

TNPLH: Dresser Rescue 1

First I sanded it down and used a deglosser product which helps get the ornate details ready for paint.


Then I used my new critter to add two coats of primer and two coats of my color.


Don’t mind all my extra stuff in this pic!


After I did all of that I used a spray can of lacquer. I looked high and low for a lacquer paint to just put in my critter spray gun, however I couldn’t find one so I bought several cans (like 6) of the clear coat lacquer product and sprayed and sprayed.


I kept getting frustrated because of the over spray that happened. However I watched this video from the blogger Alchemy Fine Living over and over again. And just trusted that I was doing all the steps right. She recommends after you spray your lacquer coating that you use 0000 steel wool to sand it down and then you polish the furniture with a wax coating. After this step it cleared up the over spray issue and I got the high gloss look I had been going for.


Then I just sprayed the knobs to get a fresh look to them and we were done.

I just love the way it turned out. The color is fun and fresh! Can’t wait to dress it up a bit with mirrors and some lamps and such!

Bathroom Update

So the bathroom is still slowly coming along. You can see my previous posts here, I started with the One Room Challenge and I am not quiet done yet!

We were still on hold for a while because we were waiting for our faucet, now that the faucet is here we are now waiting for the counter tops to go in! But it is getting closer to actually being able to begin using it which is super exciting!

TNPLH: Tile Shower Progress

We finally have all the tile done and grouted. The top of the half wall will have marble to match the vanity. After consulting my sister (architect) she recommended a solid piece to match so there wouldn’t be any seems.

TNPLH: Bright Bathroom Vanity!

And my lovley vanity has been in for a couple weeks – just waiting for the counter top so we can begin using! I am just in love with the color. And currently contemplating wallpapers…..what do you think? Keep the walls white or add some spice with wallpaper?

Flowering Branches in Ginger Jars

So my big 30th party is this weekend and I can’t keep my mind off of every last detail for my 32 person sit down dinner party. Some last minute inspiration just popped up on my instagram feed. My flower guy is dropping off flowering branches. I wanted peonies (because we all love them), but since it has still be rather cold around here the price of peonies is still a little high so I am going with flowering branches from him filled in with some grocery store flowers. Wouldn’t’ it be fun to put them in a big ginger jar! duh!

flowering branches

Pic Via Kristen Kelli Design