Faking Spring: Amaryllis Bulbs

I love forcing bulbs in the spring. It’s a perfect way to add some life after the holidays. In the past I have forced Paper White Bulbs, but wanted to try something different this year. I am loving the Amaryllis Bulbs. They are so big and fun, and so far they are lasting just as long as Paper Whites, which is usually a couple weeks. It takes a couple weeks to bloom and then the blossoms last a couple weeks.

TNPLH: Amaryllis Bulb 2

TNPLH: Amaryllis Bulb 3

TNPLH: Amaryllis Bulb 1

Fall Dinner Party

This weekend I had the pleasure of hosting my new co-workers and their husbands for dinner.

TNPLH: Fall Dinner Party 5

I always wonder what new friends think when they walk into one of my dinner parties, as I have a tendency to go a little over the top. Saturday Morning, I was so excited to set the dinner table I woke at 4:30 am and was able to fall back asleep. I had to get up and set the table.

TNPLH: Fall Dinner Party 4

I love making bouquets during the fall. I used a pedestal vase with roses, greens, and mini kale. I mixed my wedding china with my grandmother’s china.

TNPLH: Fall Dinner Party 3

I also had to pull out my candelabras. I know they are over the top, but I just love them. $10 for the set score at a local flee market. They make the table feel extra cozy in the fall.

TNPLH: Fall Dinner Party 2

I also loved all the little gourds!

Table Runner: the thing that was keeping me up early Sat AM was the table runner. I wanted something fun and fresh that I hadn’t used, but didn’t anticipate that early enough to find fabric and sew a new option. So instead I remembered I had this wallpaper laying around. I had bought it on a flash website one day, and never ended up using it. I thought it laid a nice groundwork for the table!

TNPLH: Fall Dinner Party 1


Appetizer: Cheese Plate

Signature Cocktail: Grapefruit Gin Martini

Salad: Arugula, Balsamic, Roasted Beets, Blue Cheese, Walnuts

Entree: Roasted Beef Tenderloin with a horseradish cream sauce, twice baked potatoes, roasted asparagus

Dessert: Mini Lemon Meringue Pies and Mini Chocolate Lavender Mousse Pies

Late Summer Pop Up Party

I love a good pop up party. I have hosted a couple ( lake michigan, bachelorette, city scape), and over labor day I had the pleasure of hosting another.




Funny Story: the party evolved from my sisters friends seeing all my posts for parties and wanting to co-host one. So over labor day we went to my sister’s friend’s house which had the best backdrop for an amazing party.



As you know flowers are always top of mind the it comes to a good party. So we bought some from the grocery store and mixed with the most amazing dahlias from the farmers market.


Isn’t the backdrop just amazing! It was overlooking the most beautiful ravine that goes down to the river.



I just loved the fabric I found to make the table runner. The moody floral was the perfect backdrop for a late summer party.


Now this pop up was a little different from some, since we did it at someone’s house we didn’t have to haul all of the stuff to a remote location. So we were able to set the table a little more elaborate.






I just love outdoor dinner parties! Do you want help planning an event! Shoot me an email!!!

Iron Horse Whimsical Wedding Flowers

I am excited to share the delayed flower pictures from an August Wedding I had the pleasure of being the florist for! The bride and groom wanted to have wild bohemian flowers and I think they turned out just great!!








I loved the pedestals we used to layout a great backdrop for the ceremony. They worked our perfectly.

Remember if you are looking for a florist give me a call! I love working with brides and grooms to create a perfect day.

Green Wedding Flowers with Succulents

So after I was looking through old pictures I realized – hello – I never posted flower pics from my friends wedding back in May! They were so fun and I loved making them because they were pretty different from ones I have done in the past. Watson loves flowers tooI always love a good Watson shot – he is so curious about when we have gobs of flowers in the condo!


First thing is to prep the succulents. If you haven’t done it before – they aren’t a flower. They are a plant. You literally have to remove them from dirt. Clean them off. Then you use floral tape to attach them to wire. Here is a good video on how to if you haven’t done it before. The unique thing about that is – they can last several weeks without being in soil and after you use them in a bouquet you can plant them again and keep them forever!

TNPLH: Green Wedding Flowers

TNPLH: Green Wedding Flowers


TNPLH: Green Wedding Flowers

I think one of my favorite things about these bouquets was all the textures in them. The hypericum berry is my absolute favorite. It add something so special and unique to the mix.

TNPLH: Green Wedding Flowers

TNPLH: Green Flowers

I was in this wedding too.

finished hand bouquet

You can see here the final product from the day. We did the wrapped satin ribbon, but then over that we wrapped each bouquet with the grooms family tartan. Isn’t that amazing!