ORC: Wk 5 Little Yellow House Refresh

Good Morning All! Although I am excited about my progress at this point I have definitely fallen behind. The bathroom might have been lofty for me to take on, since this is my first ORC, and my first bathroom remodel in general. But Oh well it has been fun and I will hang in till the end to keep sharing my progress!


wk 2



In the last week my dad and husband first had to finish walling out the shower, it had been down to the studs last week then we started tiling. I have only tiled once before and my husband has helped tile once as well. But over the weekend we started on the floors and we got them all done. Once you start putting it back together it is looking really nice!

ORC Wk 5 Tiling 1

We went with two different sizes of the same tiles, I like the interest it created in doing every other row!

ORC WK 5 Tiling 2

ORC wk 5 Tiling 3

We hadn’t originally planned for it but we did a fun mosaic for the floor of the shower, my dad said that would be a better way to go than having the big tiles in there. I think it added really nice texture.

I hope in the next week to finish up tiling the whole shower, put up the walls, and get the walls treated and painted.

The other lesson I learned that I shared a bit with last week, is if you only have 6 weeks to do a shower make sure you have all your items ordred and at your house already. Many of my items are taking longer to deliver than planned (tile, vanity, fixtures…). Oh well! Lesson learned on material timing. In the end it is going to look amazing!

Be sure to follow along with others here!

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  1. I love the mosaic on the shower floor! I’m sorry that you’re being delayed by late deliveries – remodeling a bathroom in six weeks is tough enough even if all your items are there! It will totally be worth it in the end. Can’t wait to see!

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