Mini Lemon Meringue Pies

So I love lemon desserts, I must get it from my dad.

TNPLH: Lemon Merigue Pies 1

So for my 30th birthday I decided – what could be cuter than mini lemon meringue pies. After a bit of googling I found this Epicurous Recipe (here).

TNPLH: Lemon Merigue Pies 2

I pulled it apart a little and ended up LOVING the result. First I used my Grandmothers Pie Crust Recipe.

2 sticks butter, 2 cups flower, 4 tbls ice cold water – don’t you just love the recipes you memorize off the top of your head?

TNPLH: Lemon Merigue Pies 3

I used the filling from the original recipe but then instead of using their traditional meringue I used and Italian Meringue recipe. For those of you that have never made and Italian meringue your life is going to change. A traditional meringue you have to make on a perfect day, with the perfect humidity, and hope all the moons align in order for your meringue to get nice and tall and fluffy (it often falls down or never gets fluffy at all). However tada! If you use an Italian Method it creates the same tall fluffy consistency by using sugar and water and getting it to a soft candy stage on your candy thermometer. I first used this method while trying to figure out how the heck you make french macaroons. Try this recipe here.

TNPLH: Lemon Merigue Pies 4

Works perfect! Look at that height – and it never fell either it stayed that way.

TNPLH: Lemon Merigue Pies 5

If you are making these for a party there are a couple things you can do ahead. First you can roll out your crust and bake them in your tins a day in advance. You can also make your lemon curd and hold in the fridge a day in advance. Then all you have to do is make your meringue and assemble the day of your party. They are the best when you make them a couple hours ahead so they have time to chill back down.

Also you will notice here that we used a larger tart tin vs the recipe calling for a mini muffin tray. Both work wonderfully. I have done them both ways. The mini muffin tray is nice for a standing cocktail appetizer house because they are more bit size.

TNPLH: Lemon Merigue Pies 6

They were a delight – and a huge hit! You should try them sometime.

Design Crush: Summer Thornton

I recenlty discovered Summer Thornton and just fell in love instantly. Her traditional styles mixed with fun spunky colors and prints is my kind of heaven.

TNPLH: Design Crush Summer Thornton 1Such bold color in this room and love the gloomy mysterious walls

TNPLH: Design Crush Summer Thornton 2

TNPLH: Design Crush Summer Thornton 3Who wouldn’t be happy waking up in this room every day? Love the print mixing.

TNPLH: Design Crush Summer Thornton 4

TNPLH: Design Crush Summer Thornton 6Love the whimsical zebras – I have always loved this wallpaper, but you don’t’ usually see it in brown, nor do I usually like brown, but I guess she could convert me with this room.

TNPLH: Design Crush Summer Thornton 7I would die, seriously die, to cook here – please invite me down (I mean chicago is pretty close) I make a mean chocolate chip cookie.

TNPLH: Design Crush Summer Thornton 8What a welcoming entry way! That’s what I call pink walls!

Boho Bash

My dear friends Mary and Megan hosted a beautiful Boho Glamour Chic Bash this weekend and I was lucky enough to help with the flowers and setting the tables (the best part of a party in my opinion).

Boho Bash

I love all the print mixing we did. The girls both brought any fabric sample, scarf and table cloth they had so we could add interest with mix and match prints!

Boho Bash

We set up the tables low to the ground and piled pillows all over for people to sit. We propped the tables up on cinder blocks to get them a nice height – genius!

We did the party on a screened in porch which was perfect to be outside a bit, but protected us from bugs!

Boho Bash

We used Mary’s vintage blue willow plates, which I love. They always end up matching any table she puts together. You can see a pick of her Friendsgiving table here.

Boho Bash

We first made flower crowns because every good boho bash needs them and then we used the left over flowers for table arrangements. I made the big one first and then used the extra flowers to make the wild whimsical little bouquets in mason jars. I added a feather because why not?

boho bash flower crown

Here I am in my flower crown (instagram pic sadly however I am pretty much that pale)- It was so much fun making them and fun wearing them!


We had a great night – and it will certainly be remembered! I will be sharing more details on the flowers this week!

Modern Coach House in Lincoln Park

So I was house hunting on Lux Home Tours (and by house hunting I mainly mean drooling) and found this amazing new build “Coach House” smack dab in Lincoln Park Chicago.

Lux Magazine Linconln Park Coach House 1

OMG. I need to run down to Chicago asap just so I can slowly walk by this mansion in the city and try to climb over that fence, just kidding. But if I brought home made chocolate chip cookies do you think I could get a guided tour??

Lux Magazine Linconln Park Coach House 2

This room is very masculine, but I still can appreciate the beautiful mixing of materiarls and prints. And that heavy draped window is gorgeous!

Lux Magazine Linconln Park Coach House 3

Lux Magazine Linconln Park Coach House 4

I love the added bit of print here in the dinning room – those wingback chairs are perfect for this masculine space!

Lux Magazine Linconln Park Coach House 5

Lux Magazine Linconln Park Coach House 6

This sitting room with the fire is heaven. I mean it looks like it just fell out of some boutique hotel and landed in someone’s living room.

Lux Magazine Linconln Park Coach House 7

my husband would love this.

Lux Magazine Linconln Park Coach House 8

and I would love this – I mean look at that amazing wine cellar…..heaven.

Impromptu Picnic

On Friday it was finally a really nice summer night. We haven’t really been able to take advantage of eating outside and enjoying great weather so my husband and I got home from work and pulled together a last minute picnic and ran down to the beach.


We first laid down a blanket and then for a fun bit of pattern added a scarf. I have been loving scarves as fun table toppers. This one I got on clearance at Uniqulo while visiting NYC. If you keep your eye open scarves are a fun way to add spice to your table without the price tag!



Every picnic needs flowers. I thought these sunflowers were perfect – I love the bright contrast to the navy.

We made steaks and lobster tails at home, then packed them up and quickly ran to the beach. We didn’t feel like busting out the whole grill so this was a nice way to enjoy the outside without the fuss.





This was the same beach we did our Lake Michigan Pop Up Party. See it here.

It was such a beautiful night for a last minute picnic. We need to get in more before the summer is out!