Little Yellow House Progress: Floors

When we first moved into our new house it was gross. I mean seriously gross. But one thing (that wasn’t as gross) was that the previous owner saw how gross the carpet throughout was and decided to re-carpet the entire house. Which is kind of a waste since we will eventually be tearing it all out. But since it is brand new and not too dirty or anything it will allow us to work on pulling it up and having the floor re-done in phases which is nice (and nice on the pocket book). So week one of us moving in we pulled up the carpet in the 2 first bedrooms to reveal some beautiful barley used hardwood floors.

Little Yellow House Master Bedroom Before 2

Little Yellow House Master Bedroom Before 3

Little Yellow House Guest Bedroom Before 1

Hardwood Floors After

I couldn’t believe the difference just pulling up the carpet and a new stain color made to make the house feel more homey. Right now we only have 2 rooms done. We will end up waiting on the living room, hallways and dinning room for a bit. Right now the carpet is providing a nice protective layer to ensure no scratches while we hall tools in and out.

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