ORC: There’s No Place Like Home Navy Bedroom

So I have gotten a couple things done over the last week.


You can see that I upholstered the console table in the croc pleather I mentioned. I think it turned out pretty cool. Not bad for only costing about $75. You can see I already had a yellow buffet in here, and I am still deciding between the two. The yellow goes really well with the art, however I was going for really clean lines and keeping it all navy and white. Shout out a comment with your favorite! Help me decide! So you will have to wait till the reveal to see which I pick!

But I am still trying to figure out what fabric I want to upholster my ottoman’s in and to make euro pillow for on the bed. I want these to match. I already made the below zig zag pillows, but honestly if I find another fabric that I am in love with I can always use those somewhere else.

zig zag pillow

Here are my options that I just ordered samples for. Remember they will be doing on either all white bedding or tucked until the all white console table, up against the navy background.

pisces slub fabric

Because there is so much other white I thought this fun fish print might look cool.

geo navy

Thought a nice geo option would be good since I already have so much floral.

ikat dot fabric

So in the next two weeks I still have to….

hang the sconce lights

find pillow fabric and sew

upholster ottomans

buy new crisp white bedding

find some decor for the console/buffet!

Can’t wait for it to be finished!

Be sure to give support to all the participating contestants (here)!!

ORC: There’s No Place Like Home Navy Bedroom

So last week got away from me, I was traveling for work and had a bunch of things to do. But we have made progress on the room and I am getting pretty excited about it. So see my week one here!

So once again here is the before

Little Yellow House Guest Bedroom Before 1

Kinda boring. When we first moved in we ripped up the carpet and had the floor redone, which helped the room out so much!

Little Yellow House Refresh Navy Bedroom: After Paint Job

Even better now that we have a beautiful navy done on the walls and the trim is done!

Little Yellow House Refresh Navy Bedroom Canopy Progress

I have started sewing away. I will end up having panels on each of the corners. I have never sewed anything besides pillows before so I think these didn’t turn out too too bad. I wasn’t sure how to fasten them at the top. At first I tried buttons, but when I attached them there was a lot of baggyness in between the buttons, and didn’t like how it looked. So instead I tried iron on Velcro and really like the way it turned out. From looking online seems like some people actually sew them on (if your canopy bed won’t allow you to take it apart and slip them on). I didn’t like this option because then I wouldn’t have the flexibility to remove them if needed. So I think the Velcro worked pretty well!

Little Yellow House Refresh Navy Canopy Bed Progress 2

I still need to finish the 2 on the end. Get new linens. I want everything else in the room to be very crisp white, since there will be so much pattern on the canopy. And I will have some pattern in the decorative pillows at the top, which I still need to find fabric for and sew!

I got everything I needed to do my DIY leather upholstered console table in the mail last week. So I am excited to try and get that going. Wish me luck!

Also remember I am going to try Shine Your Lights Ikea Wall Sconce Hack? I painted them last week and hope to get them hung this week! They are looking pretty cool and think they will be a perfect little addition to the canopy bed. It is going to be so cozy in there I am going to be jealous of my guests!

The other thing I need to figure out is art in the canopy. My original plan was the put one of the “as I open fire” prints over the bed and one on each side of the bed. However in the room the wall just isnt’ big enough to accommodate that. Seriously we tried every combination I made my husband move the bed with me 3 times so we could see how it looked one every wall….So now I plan on putting the 3 prints over the console table and putting something else over the bed. I tried to negotiate with my husband to have one print over the bed and the other two over the console table, but that was non negotiable. He usually lets me do what I want, but he is very passionate about hanging all three of these prints together, so what is a girl to do, I will let him win this one!

Can’t wait to see what everyone else has cooking for the week! Be sure to check out the whole list of participants here!

Friends Living Room Update Reveal!!!

So a while back, a good friend’s sister asked me to help bring some life into her space. She has a young family and wanted something that was fun, yet livable.


TNPLH: Friends Living Room Reveal Before 1

TNPLH: Friends Living Room Reveal Before 2

Now here’s the after!

TNPLH: Friends Living Room Reveal 1

We brightened up the space by removing that large dark bookshelf and replacing it with this fun mirrored buffet. I like that it still allows for good storage (it’s filled with toys), but is really fun and updated at the same time. The room all began around the two prints above the buffet. She had picked that print out, however since the space is so big I recommended adding the second to fill the space and give nice symmetry.

TNPLH: Friends Living Room Reveal 3

TNPLH: Friends Living Room Reveal 7

TNPLH: Friends Living Room Reveal 4

She had a little console table under the TV before, but the scale was a bit too small. So we used this fun West Elm table to create a nice little vignette with ottomans tucked underneath for extra seating.


we also traded out the heavy second sofa facing the TV for these two Pottery Barn tufted accent chairs. This room opens up to the kitchen behind it, so I feel that the lower accent pieces help keep the room open to the rest of the space.


TNPLH: Friends Living Room Reveal 8

We still have a couple accent things to finish up. First I am looking for some additional pillow fabric options for the wing back chair and the coach, and as always continuing to look for any fun little decor accent pieces. But I think so far it’s a great transformation!

Weekend Update.

Last week was super busy. I traveled for work, and had a number of things going on when I got back. So this weekend was playing catch up for some past due cleaning and projects.

But first I spent the day in Madison with my good friend. The capitol building is always inspiring to see

TNPLH: Madison Capitol Building

Last week was Chris’s birthday so we celebrated that.

TNPLH: Gift Wrapping, Presents

I think the most fun part about giving gifts is the wrapping.

TNPLH: Curtains

I have way too many DIY projects going on right now to count. But I am very excited to be done with my first panel for the living room and dinning room area. This was my first time doing lined and pleated drapes and think they turned out just fine. Now the tricky part is going to be making the ones for the huge living room window…..

come back tomorrow and I will sharing a beautiful before and after picture of a friends living room I helped decorate!

ORC: There’s No Place Like Home Navy Bedroom

So I wasn’t sure if I was going to participate this fall in the ORC. Some of you may know that I tried to participate in the spring version (you can see it here). I had big plans to do my first bathroom in my new house and fell very short of finishing, sadly it is STILL not finished (but we are getting really really close!). Oh well. It’s my first house and I am learning how long to expect things to take.

For those new to the ORC it is hosted bi-annually by Linda over at Calling it Home, and it is so much fun! Check out all the participants here!

So this around I am taking it a bit easier.

Little Yellow House Guest Bedroom Before 1

Here is my before pic. Obviously needs some love.

I shared some inspiration a bit ago, but sadly the summer got away from me and I haven’t really gotten much done at all. So I am going to start fresh and share again and use the next six weeks to have a super polished room at the end!

As I Open Fire Pics

The room idea all started with the above pic. My husband I found these pics about two summer’s ago at a flea market.

They are called “As I open Fire” by Roy Lictenstein. When we first saw them I could see my husband was pumped. I mean, like he couldn’t talk (he was an art/multi media graduate). They were fully framed and matted and the price was $500. After a couple minutes we walked away, and then I said to my husband, really I feel like 500 for fully matted and framed pictures is a pretty good deal (I mean framing these days is so expensive). He thought they were 500 for 1 not for all 3. He quickly continued googling their value, and the cheapest they were anyone online (unframed) was $500 all the way up to several thousand depending on the printing, so I figured we were getting a good deal since they were framed and all. So we went back  (even negotiated down to 400) and brought them home, and ever since I have been decorating a room around them in my head, which includes a canopy bed.

TNPLH Canopy Room Inspiration

After I found these pics I had been looking for fabric for a canopy bed around it. I found this fabric which I was so happy about. I like how the traditional fabric is up against the funky prints.

navy bedroom inspirationAbove is an inspiration with the bed we bought from Room and Board. We bought the bed a while ago, and I have one drapery panel done.

List of To Do’s

1. Sewing, lots of sewing. Finish sewing all drapery panels for the bed (5 to go). Sew accent pillows for bed (need to pick out fabric)

2. Society Social Console Table: So who doesn’t love the society social console table wrapped in leather goodness. I do, but with so much spending going on I have to pick my battles so I am going to try a good old DIY to get the same look in the room.

3. Upholster 2 xbench ottomans: My dad and I made 2 xbenches together when I first graduated from college and they need some sprucing up.

4. Finish hanging doors, buy new hardware

5. Replace Light Fixture? Budget pending….

6. Hang Art, find new art for over the bed

7. I was really inspired Shine Your Lights Ikea Sconce Hack. Thought these would be perfect little sconces over the bed to make it even more cozy in there. So I need to spray those and get them hung.

8. Create Valance over windows (think I’m going to upholster in the same fabric as the canopy bed).

9. Of course style the room and get it ready for guests!

So nothing major. The DIY’s and sewing will take the longest so I need to start on that asap. I just can’t wait to have the room more polished. Since we painted it we just have the bed sitting in there, which is nice, but I am looking forward to having it more welcoming for our guests.

 So here we go!


Fabrics for a Friend

A friend of mine recently asked me for some opinions of print mixing fabrics. She had already picked out this amazing plaid for curtains and wanted something to mix and match with them.

The whole room is done in navy and white, and then will have this bright pink plaid for the curtains.

Preppy Fabric Mix

What do you think? I think it is so fun. The top left navy will be for an upholstered bench. The Middle pink for Euro Pillows. Bottom Navy for smaller bed pillows, and the little tiger for punch on top!

Do you need help picking out fabrics? Email me, I would love to pull together some options for you!