Pop Up Party

So I am excited to share more pictures of my pop up party with you! As I mentioned last week for my birthday I planned my first pop up party. I got the inspiration from Oh Happy Day, one of my favorite blogs. I had such a great time and the party was a huge hit. It was a really fun and unique way to celebrate with friends. I rented everything for the party: table, linens, silverware, chairs. I wanted to add a little something so I made table runners. I had planned on sewing them – but I ran out of time so I just cut fabric and it worked perfectly. Then I  made some fun food that was easy to transport and we grilled steaks in the park. This will for sure be a repeat event. All my friends had such a great time.

For simplicity of setting the table when we were in the park – I wrapped all the silverware up – looks cute too!

I made a couple of appetizers. I picked recipes that were easy to make early in the day and transport to the park!

Dinner! For the main course we grilled steaks. I also made over roasted sweet potatoes right before we left for the park. I kept them in a warm container and they were still warm for dinner! I also made a caprese salad.

New Recipes

This weekend I tried two new recipes for my sisters bachlorette party. They were both a huge hit.

The first was No Bake Cake Batter Truffles from the blog: Chef in Training. They are delicious! My friend Mary made them two weekends ago for my birthday party and they were such a hit I made them this past weekend. The best part: they are SUPER easy!!

Next, I made Mac and Cheese Bites from the blog: Annie’s Eats. They were also a huge hit. The macaroni was so delicious – it makes an amazing basic macaroni recipe too if you are looking for that. Otherwise it is a fun alternative for an appetizer.

Try them out!

Happy Monday!

This weekend was my sisters Bachelorette party. I love hosting. I also love making everything pretty in preparation. Here is the buffet prior to the girls getting to my place. Hope you all had a great weekend too!



For the party I made cosmo slush – which is a great summer drink and easy for a party. I just made a batch of standard cosmopolitans and then put it all in the fridge. It is nice for a party because it is done ahead of time and then there is not mixing for the party – all you have to do it scoop and serve!

Bachlorette Invitations

So before I dive into the frenzy of planning my wedding I have my sisters coming up in July! This weekend is the bachelorette party and I am pumped. Here are the invitations. I tried to take my maid of honor responsibilities seriously by scrap-booking them by hand. I love the way they turned out. I used Laura’s colors: pink, yellow, and green. And of course I used print mixing in the paper!

All prep materials! I always use spray glue for scrapbooking. It works really well and never makes the paper bulky. I also have a scrapbook cutter. It makes every cut perfect and straight.

Making the first cut. It took a bit of time to cut all the paper down.  Long pieces for the yellow and white and squares for the green and white zebra.

Here is my mess! I always need a big table to spread out!

I printed the writing on pink paper. However I needed someway to cut everything down to a circle. So I used a glass prep dish to make a circle template for cutting. It worked out perfectly!

I needed a way to make a clean fold on the paper. I ended up using the ruler for a straight cut and a wooden cuticle tool to create a line for the fold. Once I created a little divot the fold was clean and flawless. 

Me making the clean line! Don’t mind my Sunday outfit!

Here are all the pieces glued together!

And the nice folded yellow.

Invitation all folded up. I also cut down a green piece to make a band around the invite. I didn’t want it to be the boring white. It needed some color. Layering the green paper with the fun orange and silver ribbon ended up great! I love it! I also lined the envelopes with an additional fun pop of color.

All tucked in!

Don’t you love the way they turned out? I do! Can’t wait for the party!




Wedding Wednesday!

 So to get some fun inspiration for wedding planning. I will be mixing wallpaper Wednesday with wedding Wednesday. One of my favorite color combos is black and white. thoughts?