Stripey Drapes

I keep thinking about drapes – but they can be so expensive. A lot of bloggers out there have found a great solution to that – buying cheap and painting to give a designer look. I thinking I might try it….I love the stripes and the chevron. which do you think I should do?



Happy Friday Everyone! I have been so busy sharing wedding pics with everyone that I never shared with you my fun news – Chris and I finally brought home our new puppy last week! He is adorable but a bit of a stinker. We already have dog toys laying all over the house!


I think we will have to pick up a couple more things for him soon to keep him occupied!

collars/woof treat jar/rope chew toy/black and white dog mat

Snapshots of my Sisters Wedding Pics

So I can’t wait to share more pics with you – but we haven’t gotten the official pics from the photographer yet. So in the mean time here are some fun pics I took of the happy couple! They got some unique shots!



Wedding Invitations!

Today I am sharing Laura and Josh’s wedding invitations with you. Josh is a graphic designer and did them himself. I think they turned out great!

The invitations started out unique from the begining. They used vellum envelopes and created a sticker with their wedding logo on the front.

The sticker folded over to the opposite side and showed through all the bright colors of their wedding!

Josh branded their wedding with this little logo. Isn’t it pretty! They put it on everything to make a cohesive statement.



Notice in the background of the invite Josh shaded with the logo repeated over and over again. 


They finished off the back with a great quote Laura likes. 

 I just love  the unique way they turned out! Would you ever do your own invitations?