Wallpaper Wednesday: Inspired Rooms

Happy Wednesday! Here are some gorgeous rooms of wallpaper to inspire. I particularly love the second picture with the panels. It is a fun way to use wallpaper without fully committed to putting it on your wall! Nice alternative.


Pendant Lamp Round Up

 I am looking for some new pendant lamps for above my island in my kitchen. I want two of the same right next to each other. Here are some options I found today. I am leaning toward the bottom left.

Any opinions?

 The pendants need to work with this chandelier – I plan on getting this for above my kitchen table.


Hampton Bay Nautical Mini Pendant LampHome Decorators Collection Bronze Saucer Pendant/Home Decorators Collection Nickel Bell Light/Industrial Pendant in Mercury/Barley There Pendant Light/Sea Gull Lighting Pendant

Happy Monday

Yesterday I had a pretty productive day. I cleaned a lot, did some homework for my MBA program, baked cookies, made caramels, and ordered some fabric!

I love Fleur De Sel Carmels by Barefoot Contessa (my favorite food network star). If you have never made caramels before one HUGE tip. Always remember to check the temperature of boiling water. Normal water boils at 212 degrees. Depending on weather and all sorts of things water can boil and other temps. For instance yesterday the water boiled at 206 so when I waited for the caramels to cook I subtracted 6 degrees from the temperature in the recipe. If you remember to do this your caramels will work perfectly every time!

Here are some fabrics I bought for some upcoming projects from fabricguru!

 Can’t wait for them to come in! Hope everyone has a fabulous week!


Bridal Shower Invite

Hey All! Glad to be back! February was so busy! Hope everyone enjoyed Laura’s posts last week! She does so many good projects. Before I left for vacation I put all the Bridal Shower invites in the mail. Since everyone has gotten them by this point I wanted to share them. I am not very good yet at photoshop so I sketched out what I wanted and my boyfriend helped put it into reality.



Bridesmaids. Think about them. They do a lot for you. They are your best friends. They are the ones you played dress up with at Grandma and Grandpa’s house as children, you told your deepest secrets to in middle school, and got totally drunk with in college. They are there for you when you buy your first house and need it painted. They are there when your POS car starts on fire when you are driving it in to sell it. And are there for you when you get a job 1,000 miles away and need to move in a 1991 Ford with no air conditioning on the hottest day of the summer. Our parents always told us if had five friends you could count on for anything, you were a lucky person. I must be one of the most blessed people in the world as I have six and they will stand up with me this summer as my bridesmaids.

So, when buying them a gift, how can you possibly get them a gift that means that much? I have no idea. So I came up with a different plan.

If you are one of my bridesmaids – please read no further…

I decided the best I can do for them, is to give them my blood, sweat and tears in the form of a hand-sewn purse. This project became the closest thing to an assembly line I will ever do. Seven purses all similar, but each a bit different.

I hope they like them!

Wallpaper Wednesday | Why not Tile?

Wallpaper. I love it just as much as my sister. But since she is letting me post this week – why not mix it up a bit? Why not wall tile? Sure, its expensive. And much more permanent. But for those of us brave enough to try it – it can really make a statement! Below are some images that caught my fancy. Check them out!