Navy Guest Bedroom Inspiration

So last summer, well before we found our new house my husband and I found these awesome prints at a flea market we go to a lot. Here is just an online screen shot of the full series so you can get an idea of what they look like.

As I Open Fire Pics

They are called “As I open Fire” by Roy Lictenstein. When we first saw them I could see my husband was pumped. I mean like he couldn’t talk. They were fully framed and matted and the price was $500. After a couple minutes we walked away, and then I said to my husband, really I feel like 500 for fully matted and framed pictures is a pretty good deal (I mean framing these days is so expensive). He thought they were 500 for 1 not for all 3. He quickly continued googling their value, and the cheapest they were anyone online (unframed) was $500 all the way up to several thousand depending on the printing so I figured we were getting a good deal since they were framed and all. So we went back  (even negotiated down to 400) and brought them home, and ever since I have been decorating a room around them in my head.

I decided I wanted to incorporate a canopy bed into the room as well and I thought something with fabulous navy and white print fabric would be an amazing mix with the prints.

TNPLH Canopy Room Inspiration

Now for a fully draped canopy bed you need a LOT of fabric so I was pumped when I found this fabric on clearance for $7 a yard. I needed 22 yards so I pounced on it, I mean even $20 a yard adds up when you need more than 20 yards!

bedSo first on my agenda in the new house was to buy the above bed. Heaven! I thought it would be perfect with the prints and the fabric.

navy bedroom inspirationI haven’t decided on anything for the nightstands yet, but I don’t have much room so I need something small. I am going to wait until the bed is all set up with a mattress to see the height before I decide, but I was thinking some sort of garden stool would be cool.

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  1. I love the bed and the posters…..did you get all three, framed, for $400?? If so great deal!
    I know the fabric was a steal at 7/yd, but……I’m just not sure. Just my opinion, I feel the fabric is too busy and will compete with the posters. I’m all about mixing styles, but I would want something geometric, or wide striped. The floral could be a chair, bench, pillows, etc. With that said, the beauty of Art is you can always change it up!

    1. Thanks for your thoughts Miss Ruthie! yes the art was 400 fully framed! I was so excited. I am pretty excited about the fabric even if it is a bit busy – I will give it a go! You live you learn!

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