Design Crush: Marianne Simon

Quick inspiration for you this AM. Marianne Simon Design. Love her muted color pallets (which is a little uncharacteristic of me) but she uses nuetrals in a beautiful way to still give depth to any room. And all of her kitchens are fantastic.

Marianne Simon 1


Marianna Simon 2

I LOVE this paisley print wallpaper. Gives nice pattern to the bathroom while still keeping it neutral.

Marianne Simon 3

Love how gorgeous this living room is. Love how she mixed white with the dark mantle to anchor the room.

Marianne Simon 4

I always love a good banquet at a table!

Little Yellow House: Living Room Inspiration

Now that you have seen the before I am dealing with. I wanted to show you what I have been drumming up as inspiration for my space.

Now the entire space started with me falling in LOVE with this fabric.

P Kaufman Malawi


Isn’t it fantastic? I love the colors and the print is so traditional with a spunk. I love it! So ever since I snatched up enough for the drapes on the huge windows I have been decorating and designing around it ever since! I have already started painting the living room lavender to coordinate with the drapes so wanted to pull in the beautiful blues and chartreuse colors of the fabric.

living room inspiration

OKL Bench: OMG if there is one piece of furniture I splurge on in this living room it would be this bench. I love it. I have been loving daybeds or benches in living rooms (see my recent inspiration here) and thought this would work perfectly in front of my fire place. Low enough that it doesn’t block a nice fire but provides extra seating for company. LOVE!

Horchow Leather Accent Chair: So I have been loving these side chairs. They are bit on the expensive side, but I recently found some vintage chairs on Craigslist that might be a nice alternative.

Macy’s Chesterfield: I already have this sofa, got it a couple years ago. It has held up super nice and I love it, so that will be staying.

Wisteria Side Table: Love this table, not sure I want to spend so much on them, it might depend on how much things run up to – does anyone know if they ever go on sale. I think the nice geo legs make them super updated and chic.

P Kaufman Nambia Fabric: Love this pattern to coordinate with the drapes, thinking pillows

Swirl Lamps/I know everyone has bought these recently but what can I say I am in love with them. Can’t decide if they are too trendy to keep in my inspiration or if I should look for alternatives.

Lucite Coffee Table: Love Lucite coffee tables. Again, don’t love the price we will see what I come up with.

Console Table: I want some sort of console table under my TV. I have been scouring Craigslist to see if I can find a deal on something.

Cream Tufted Ottomans: Love these simple little ottomans to tuck under the console table. I like to have extra seating to pull out when needed!

OKL Garden Stool: I like the idea of some small table or garden stool in between my two accent chairs.

I also knew I needed some sort of china cabinet to fill up the void of the big wall opposite the fire place. So first thing I did was search for a china cabinet on Craigslist and OMG how in love I am.

TNPLH: Little Yellow House China Cabinet

Not the best pic. Haven’t had time to take some beautiful ones yet. But at least you get an idea of what it looks like! I didn’t even have to do anything to it. A nice polish was all it needed. Did I mention it is a Stanley Furniture Piece. Not bad for $350!!!

What do you think? Any suggestions and things to incorporate?

Little Yellow House: Living Room

I used to dream of having a new house and posting all the amazing project we were working on. Now I realize it’s very hard to share projects because of several things. 1. I get so caught up in how things are coming that I forget 2. I never think it is done 3. I also work a full time job and things feel like they drag on for a while (like we are only about 90% done with the bathroom that I was very over zealous about finishing for the One Room Challenge in spring, oh well such is life).

Anyway I have started working on the living room slowly and wanted to share some of my design inspiration and the before pics.

TNPLH: Little Yellow House Living Room Before PIc 1

The house living space is largley open concept which is nice and I think will help sell the house later after we fix it up. The very bottom of the pic is where the dinning room table is and then it goes right into this large but long living space.

TNPLH: Little Yellow House Living Room Before 2

So here is the other side of the living room and then to the left it goes into a hallway to the bedrooms. You can see the first thing we liked about this house was all the natural light. It just pours into the house every day and creates a very warm feeling. First thing was to paint all the windows white. The windows are in pretty good shape from what we can see so far so we painted them all and scraped the wallpaper from above the window. Nice little accent. And also the drapes. OMG this house has so many heavy drapes everywhere just filled with dust. I took those down.

As you can see Watson was also very curious about the light in the room too 🙂

TNPLH: Living Room Before

Don’t you just love that wood paneling?

TNPLH: Living Room Window Painting

These windows took FOREVER. But now that they are done they brighten the room and look much more updated.

TNPLH: Living Room Window Painting 2

Check back tomorrow for some more fun on the furniture we have put in the living room so far and an inspiration board!

Design Crush: Amanda Nisbet

Highlighting the sophisticated color of designer Amanda Nisbet today. Each room of hers brings together the best color combinations and pulls it together is a livable but traditional, sophisticated way. I love them all!

Amanda Nisbet Inspiration 2

I have seen these printed walls before – heaven! I love how the pink should end up being such a girlie space, however she seems to pull it off with enough neutrals that make it so traditional with just a pinch of drama.

Amanda Nisbet Inspiration 1

Amanda Nisbet Inspiration 3

Loving this one – same colors as I am doing my living room but a bit brighter – just love the chartreuse!

Amanda Nisbet Inspiration 5

Amanda Nisbet Inspiration 6

Haven! I love bold painted trim. I hope one day I am brave enough to go there!

Amanda Nisbet Inspiration 7

Gorgeous! Love the traditional printed drapes paired with the contemporary furniture.

Amanda Nisbet Inspiration 8

Amanda Nisbet Inspiration 4

Again, over the moon for the painted trim – so dramatic!

Amanda Nisbet Inspiration 9

I’m in love! She uses so much yellow/chartreuse which I think a lot of people are afraid of, but pulls it off in such an impact full way!

Searching for End Tables.

So I have a chesterfield sofa in my living room, and I am currently trying to find new end tables that go with it. I think it can be tricky because the height of the arms is so tall, that I wonder if I should go with something taller than your average end table.

Zgallerie York 3 Drawer Night Stand

I really like these night stands here by Zgallerie, the York 3 Drawer Nightstand. Being a night stand makes it stand just a little taller than average, and I feel that the additional storage could be nice, but will it look goofy next to a small accent chair….this is what I am pondering.

side table roundup

wisteria contemporary side table/cb2 smart glass top side table/wisteria white geo side table/OKL antiqued end table/cb2 rose gold pedestal/okl gray side table/okl silver side table/okl gold geo table

I really like the Wisteria Contemporary Side table, and feel that the silver might compliment the rest of my living room nicely. I want to mix in a lot of different metals and since I already have some things in Gold and Brass this might be a nice option. I am also loving the little CB2 Rose Gold Pedestals and think they might be nice in between 2 little side tables. What do you guys think? Which are your favorites?

Loving: Lucite Coffee Tables

So I have been loving Lucite coffee tables lately. I have never really been a coffee table gal, however in our new living room we have a pretty wide open space that I feel really needs one.






This week there is a sale on Joss & Main featuring some great pieces. I particularly like this one here. Check it out.

Safavieh Couture Isabelle Arcylic Coffee Table