New Obsession: Scarves as Table Toppers

So I love being able to mix newness into my table. However buying too many table clothes can get expensive. So, being inspired by my good friend Mary I have been using scarves to spice up my table.


Above is a picture from my instagram of her Friendsgiving table last year. It was a small card table that she spiced up with a scarf topper. Isn’t it fun!

So last January when I was in NYC for work I bought this scarf from Uniqlo.

UniqloI have been obsessed with Orange lately so when I decided I wanted to do orange and pink for my 30th bday party (see inspiration here) I decided to see if they still had this scarf in stock. And they did! Better yet it is now on sale! So naturally, I bought like 5 for table toppers at my party!

New Obsessin Scarves as Table ClothesOops, I also bought in navy – isn’t it fun! My party is coming up on June 13th so stay tuned for pics on how it turns out!

Long Weekend

I always love starting a new week when you really feel you had a well balanced weekend. My husband and I got a little bit of everything in. I painted closet doors, we grouted the bathroom (finally!), spent time with family, and I painted 2 walls in my living room. Phew.

Wason's favorite spotLet’s first start with Watson, isn’t’ he adorbes?

Bathroom Grout

We have officially been moved into our home for 2.5 Months and we started the bathroom during the One Room Challenge yet, needless to say we didn’t complete in time, but now things seem to be moving along smoothly. But PS – my Kohler Faucets still aren’t even in! Hoping to get them this week so my counter top people can come and measure!

Living Room Lavendar

I also painted the living room. Although we aren’t really doing things in order (the trim isnt’ painted yet) I just couldn’t stand the look of the walls anymore. They probably hadn’t been painted in 20 years and the color they were was terrible. Some sort of yellowy cream color that just made them look dirty. I love the color, makes the room feel warm and I love it paired with my navy ginger jars. I will have to share more on my living room later.


And also – this is happening tonight. I am finally bringing in my china cabinet that I found on craigslist. Hooray! This girl has way too many dishes and wants to get them out of all the boxes to free up space in the guest bedroom!

things i’m loving

my birthday party is going to be here before you know it and my husband needed some gift ideas, so I thought I would help a guy out! I have many trays listed. I love trays. I want to put them all over my house, but right now I only have 2. So These are some I have been coveting!

things i'm loving

weekender bag, snake skin tray, bone in lay tray, floral robe, cb2 lucite tray, vermouth tray, johnathan adler secrets canister, target navy x benches, target gold bench/waiting on martha pom pom throw

Navy Guest Bedroom Inspiration

So last summer, well before we found our new house my husband and I found these awesome prints at a flea market we go to a lot. Here is just an online screen shot of the full series so you can get an idea of what they look like.

As I Open Fire Pics

They are called “As I open Fire” by Roy Lictenstein. When we first saw them I could see my husband was pumped. I mean like he couldn’t talk. They were fully framed and matted and the price was $500. After a couple minutes we walked away, and then I said to my husband, really I feel like 500 for fully matted and framed pictures is a pretty good deal (I mean framing these days is so expensive). He thought they were 500 for 1 not for all 3. He quickly continued googling their value, and the cheapest they were anyone online (unframed) was $500 all the way up to several thousand depending on the printing so I figured we were getting a good deal since they were framed and all. So we went back  (even negotiated down to 400) and brought them home, and ever since I have been decorating a room around them in my head.

I decided I wanted to incorporate a canopy bed into the room as well and I thought something with fabulous navy and white print fabric would be an amazing mix with the prints.

TNPLH Canopy Room Inspiration

Now for a fully draped canopy bed you need a LOT of fabric so I was pumped when I found this fabric on clearance for $7 a yard. I needed 22 yards so I pounced on it, I mean even $20 a yard adds up when you need more than 20 yards!

bedSo first on my agenda in the new house was to buy the above bed. Heaven! I thought it would be perfect with the prints and the fabric.

navy bedroom inspirationI haven’t decided on anything for the nightstands yet, but I don’t have much room so I need something small. I am going to wait until the bed is all set up with a mattress to see the height before I decide, but I was thinking some sort of garden stool would be cool.

Mother’s Day Table

Good Morning! This weekend I had the pleasure of hosting a mother’s day dinner with my in-laws and my brother in law’s family. As always my favorite part is setting the table. I usually make my own floral bouquet but this time I picked one up from our local grocery store, they do an amazing job, and usually I find if you are making just one bouquet you can buy one cheaper there than picking up a number of different flowers for a nice assortment.

TNPLH Mothers Day 2015 Table

TNPLH Mother's Day 2015 Table 2

TNPLH Mother Day 2015 Table 3

TNPLH Mothers Day 2015 Table 4

TNPLH Mother's Day 2015 Table 5

I love playing with pattern and color at my table. I used my grandmother’s china, west elm napkins, a table runner I originally made for a dinner party here, but also used in my lake Michigan pop up party shown here, and I busted out my vintage gold flatware that my husband graciously polished up perfectly for me. We had a lovely day. I will share my recipes later this week.

30th Birthday Inspiration

Call me crazy but lately I have been over the moon for orange + pink.

I have always been a pink girl, but the combo with orange has just been all I can think about. So, when I started planning my 30th birthday party I had originally thought I would go with a more traditional color pallet of black and white with pops of pink, but I thought I am young why not have some fun with color!








I am sure in a bit I will be orange’ed out because I am doing everything in this color combo currently including this lacquered dresser project, and my current One Room Challenge vanity. Oh well! It is fun!