Jul 24 2014

Summer Floral Dinner Party Table


I am so excited to share my table with you today! I wanted to mix all sorts of beautiful floral prints to make it bright and cheery. I used my grandmothers china dinner plates, mixed with my wedding china salad plates. I found the floral fabric a couple weeks ago and sewed simple table runners.

TNPLH: Summer Floral Dinner Party

I picked up flowers from local grocery stores. I wanted to mix all sorts of colors and textures.

TNPLH: Summer Floral Dinner Party

TNPLH: Floral Dinner Party

TNPLH: Floral Dinner Party

TNPLH: Floral Dinner Party

TNPLH: Floral Dinner Party

TNPLH: Floral Dinner Party Flowers

TNPLH: Floral Dinner Party

TNPLH: Floral Dinner Party

Didn’t it turn out nice? We had such a lovely evening. I love how all the floral layers played off each other. What do you think?

Jul 23 2014

Dinner Party Entre Recipes


Today I want to share two recipes from my dinner party Saturday night. For our entree I made a beef tenderloin, Parmesan risotto, asparagus, and Brussels sprouts.

I made this Beef Tenderloin Recipe from Epicurous. It made the most perfect roast. I didn’t make the sauce because sauces are a bit hard during dinner parties, but I think I would try it if I made it again.

TNPLH: Beef Tenderloin Recipe

Next I made this Parmesan risotto recipe. I have made it many times before but I just can’t get enough of it!

TNPLH: Parmesan Rissoto

For the vegetables I just sprinkled with olive oil and some garlic salt and they were perfect!

TNPLH: Floral Dinner Party Entree

Everything was delish!

Jul 22 2014

Dinner Party: Bar Station Ready and The Bella Rosa Cocktail


Today I will continue sharing my dinner party this past weekend. I think it will always a good idea to have a bar station when you have parties. I always try to anticipate all the different cocktails all our guest would like.

TNPLH: Dinner Party Bar Station

I also made a signature Cocktail for the evening as well. I found The Bella Rosa on Coco + Kelley and it was a perfect summer cocktail! I forgot to take pics but here is a pic from her blog. It is a tad tart but sweet enough to be perfect (and not too sweet!). I was sure to have all the main ingredients of this drink preped in a pitcher than all I added was the Prosecco when I served and it worked out perfect!

THNPLH: Coco + Kelley Bella Rosa Cocktail

Jul 21 2014

Dinner Party: Pistachio Macarons and Lime Basil Sorbet


As you may know last week I promised I would show some fun pics from my dinner party this past weekend. Today I will share the Dessert I made. First my good friend and I made Pistachio Macarons Friday night. Now, we hvae made macaroons many times and the outcome is always mixed. If you have ever attempted them you know they are hard. But this time we tried a recipe with the Italian Method vs. the French Method. And they turned out perfect. I only recently found out there are two different methods to macaroon madness. The french is harder because you have to beat the egg whites and get perfect consistency just by mixing. The Italian delivers more consistent results because the meringue is made partially over the stove and so the egg whites are less volatile.

I found this blog – Love and Macarons. And followed her instructions for Pistachio Macarons with Pistachio Custard Butter cream (Italian meringue recipe).

TNPLH: Pistachio Macarons

TNPLH: PIstachio Macarons

Next I made this Lime Basil Sorbet that I found on Cooking Light. I love sorbets, they are easy, refreshing and perfect in the summer. I sprinkled with blueberries. It was tart but very good.

TNPLH: Lime Bail Sorbet

Jul 18 2014

Flower Inspiration: Sunflowers


I love sunflowers. When I was a little girl every year my dad and I would plant them together and watch them grow. They are beautiful and I love mixing them with other bright fun colors. I think they will be perfect for my table this weekend.

Here is a sneak peak at what I am thinking…I picked up the below fabric a week or so ago and this past weekend I sewed them into dual table runners.

TNPLH: Summery Dinner Party

This is what I mean by the unexpected way for table runners….this is from my first pop up party a couple years ago see the post here.

table 1

see? I like table runners the wide way not the length of the table. Anyway back to flowers…





I think something like these options would bring out all the fun bright colors of the table and be so pretty! Stay tuned next week to see how it all turns out!


Jul 17 2014

Animal Heads on Gallery Walls


Chris and I have been building out our gallery wall for a couple weeks and I have to say it is looking good. We just ordered a moose head to add to it and I think it will help it look fun. We bought it on Etsy from THIS vendor.