Jan 31 2012

Spring Cheer


While shopping with my sister this weekend I noticed spring seems to be in the air. In the stores that is – outside it is still rather wintery. All the shops are full to the top of bright colors, tanks, and fun summer dresses. I know I still have a ways to go, but the bright colors always seem to put a smile on my face in anticipation of spring! Here are some fun bright colors to help you get through the rest of the week!


Jan 30 2012

I never used to be a gold girl….


I never used to be a gold girl. But slowly I find myself falling in love with the color in accents all over my house and adorning my arm. I am not saying that I am switching everything in silver to be gold – but I feel like I have never given the color enough credit. I really like it as an accent peice and I am noticing it in home decor as well as fashion more and more. Just this weekend I scored a gold cake platter and a gold leaf bowl at TJ Max. Lets celebrate the color today with some fun accents.

ps. the kate spade is the china my sister registered for – it’s it lovley!

west elm gold flatware/martha stewart gold leaf bowls/zincdoor end table/bendels chain link bracelet/kate spade china/furbish mr mrs glasses/furbish gold pouff

Jan 29 2012

Springy Sunday


This weekend was a lot of fun and all about wedding preparation for my sisters wedding in July. Saturday we went to the bakery and designed a crazy fun cake that is going to be to die for (not to mention delish!). Then today we went registering — SO FUN! We got so many fun things. I can see how people go nuts during the process. With all the excitement I was feeling very springy – hence the coral nail polish! Hope everyone had a great weekend!

Jan 27 2012

Happy Friday



Jan 26 2012

isuwannee Bookshelves


Happy Thursday, Bookshelf week continues! Have you ever been to isuwannee? It is actually the first blog I ever started following regularly. I love the updated inspiration that Jamie shares. She also has a great collection of bookshelf inspiration. Here are my favorites from her blog. Check her out!





Jan 25 2012

Wallpaper Wednesday: Contact Paper


In bookshelves I like backing them with wallpaper or contact paper. It adds nice color and pattern to the space. Here are some nice contact paper options that you can use for any shelving. I am thinking in the next couple of months I might line the back of my food pantry to add some fun color!

beige damask/bright pink floral/cane beige/distressed damask/bright multi colored floral/blue greek spiral/pink damask/blue geo