Fall Recipes

I have been loving cooking up fall since the weather changed. Over the last couple weekends I have made 2 new fall soups and a chicken pot pie. All delicious! I highly recommend!

Ina Garten Chicken Pot Pie

First is the chicken pot pie. It was amazing. I made it for a fall dinner party and it was a huge hit. It also made a lot so I was able to freeze some for later. Since I made it for a dinner party I rolled out the pastry ahead of time and placed in between sheets of plastic wrap. Then when we were ready to throw them in the oven it was easy to assemble!

bon appetit carrot coconut soup

Next this bon appetite carrot coconut soup. My friend made a carrot soup for our fall dinner party and I had never had one before. It was delish and it inspired me to make one myself (it also helped that my husband actually ate it). So I found this bon appetite recipe. The soup  has a little bit of kick from the thai chili sauce included – very good I would make it again!

The last one is a celery root and apple soup from epicurious! Sorry for no picture on this one. This was an amazing soup. I love creamy soups in the winter but we all know how the calories can add up. This one was a great way to have a creamy soup with non of the gilt. Celery root is one of my favorite fall vegetables so it is always fun when I can find a recipe I can use it with. This recipe also made a lot so I froze half for later!

Iron Horse Hotel Wedding Flowers

This past weekend I had the pleasure of playing florist for another wedding. This one was at the Iron Horse Hotel, one of my favorite places in Milwaukee. The bride wanted simple but a bit rustic and we played up the fall season. I did the hand bouquets with a variety of white flowers, football mums, garden roses, carnations, and spider mums.

Iron Horse Hotel Rustic Chic Wedding

Iron Horse Rustic Chic Wedding

Iron Horse Rustic Chic Wedding

I also made simple willow branch arrangements, which was really fun since I have never done them before. I didn’t know what to expect but they turned out to be a hit! We used them at the front of the aisle and the back and then post ceremony were transferred to be scattered on the tables. It’s always a nice way to get double use out of your arrangements.

Iron Horse Rustic Chic Wedding

The last thing I made for the wedding were these adorable football mum arrangements done in wooden long boxes. Here again, we were able to line the aisle during the ceremony and then transferred them to the tables for the dinner.

Iron Horse Rustic Chic Wedding

I just love doing flowers so it was fun having another opportunity this year!

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