ORC: Wk 3 There’s No Place Like Home Bathroom 1

So the last week has been a busy one. Unfortunately we were gone over the weekend so I feel like we didn’t’ get anything major done but we have gotten a couple things done (I never give myself enough credit). In case you are just tuning in my husband and I just bought a house on March 6th, moved in on March 13th – so this week marjked our one month in the house. We dove right into our first bathroom complete gut job, because it was gross…

Bathroom 1 #littleyellowhouserefresh

See I warned you – gross.

Weekly Plan:

Wk 1: Gut Bathroom/Move around plumbing – finish ordering all supplies — DONE!

Wk 2: Remove wallpaper/sand window trim — DONE!

Wk 3: Electrical — DONE!

Wk 4: Tile/Wall off the old Door

Wk 5: Install Vanity, Shower Glass, Countertop

Wk 6: Last minute finishes

TNPLH: ORC Bathroom 1

Above is where we were last week.


So the two big things we did this week were level out the floor in preparation for the tile and scrape wallpaper.

I couldn’t believe how the wallpaper came off. My husband did the scraping (actually he has been doing pretty much all of the demo). He used fabric softener to remove it. Once it was wet it came off just by scrapping.

So in the next week – my fingers are crossed that the tile gets here by Friday so we can tile this weekend. Hopefully we will start having some pretty pics next week!

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  1. Oh yeay!! I’m so glad you are participating! Sorry, I didn’t realize or I would have stoppped by here on Week 1! There are so many participating it’s hard to know….This will be so great. I can’t wait to see more. And Congrats on your new home!

  2. Totally know what you mean about feeling like you got NOTHING done when you actually did make some progress! When I don’t have the weekend to work on projects I throw myself a pity party 😉 It looks like you made great progress!!! So happy to be following along! xo

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