Upholstering Chair: Part 3

This Sunday I FINALLY had some time to work on my chair again. I am feeling good about how much I got done with the project! To see the previous steps check here.

First I had to fill in the coil areas with cotton fill  prior to putting the cushion on. This helps to make your platform real even.

Next I took the cushion that I already glued to burlap in the last segment and stapled down to the bottom.

Next, I added the cotton batting. I used this step to make sure that the cushion was stapled down nice and tight. Any area that wasn’t secure in the previous step I just made sure to reinforce as much as possible.

Trim your edges!

Next I just started laying out the fabric and slowly stapling down sections. Always start in the center of each side doing one at a time. For instance I stapled the front center with one staple first. The one in the back center, left center, right center. Slowly you keep rotation like this keeping the fabric stretching down and outside.

The corners are always a little tricky and take some working.

You can see here that around one of the arms I made a bit of an oops. Around each arm I cut a small notch out of the fabric to make it so the fabric can wrap around the arm. Here you can see I cut it a bit too deep. I put some fray check on it to make sure it doesn’t unravel anymore. Hopefully the double cording will cover the cut!

Ta Da! cushion all done. I think it went well for my first time ever trying the process!

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