Upholstering Part 2

So last time I posted on my upholstery project I had just finished the coils. You can see it here. Here is the progress I made on Sunday.

First I covered the coils with a burlap fabric. After I first stapled down in the center of the wood I then folded the excess fabric back so it wasn’t flapping over the edge.

Next I stappled 2 inch cotton edging to the sides. Lesson for next time: I bought this at JoAnne Fabrics – they didn’t have proper edging like an upholstering shop would. An upholstery shop would have had a fabric edge hanging off the roll making the stapling easier. You can find some here at DIY Upholserty.com.

Next sizing up the cushion. Lay it down…

Draw a line from underneath to create a line of where to cut the cushion.

Next I used spray glue to glue pieces of burlap to the cushion. It was pretty tricky to get it to glue down. I sprayed A LOT to make sure it had enough to stay. They I placed some books on top to hold it down. The can says it takes about 3 hours to dry….so now we wait…

Stay tuned. PS click here for the detailed instructions I followed as I was working on this, since it was my first biggest project.

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