Upholstering with Coils – take 2

So this weekend I finally had a bit of time to work on my upholtery project a bit more (you can see my last post here). With the right size coils it was much easier this time. 

Near the arms of the chair there were a couple tricky corners. I used a second nail for these ones to tie off the ropes. It worked well to act as an anchor.

In the start of each tie I anchored each with 2 nails. Pound the nails in slanted away from where you are pulling that way it gives you extra leverage and the nail is certain to stay more.

I think one lesson on this round was I still need to push the coils down harder next time. But for my first time doing it – I think it is ok.

After I created the cross overs next I had to put them in diagonally.

Each time another row was tied down it got easier and I was able to get the coils tigher.

For the first time I say it went better than expected. Hopefully next chair goes even better!

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