ORC: There’s No Place Like Home Navy Bedroom

So last week got away from me, I was traveling for work and had a bunch of things to do. But we have made progress on the room and I am getting pretty excited about it. So see my week one here!

So once again here is the before

Little Yellow House Guest Bedroom Before 1

Kinda boring. When we first moved in we ripped up the carpet and had the floor redone, which helped the room out so much!

Little Yellow House Refresh Navy Bedroom: After Paint Job

Even better now that we have a beautiful navy done on the walls and the trim is done!

Little Yellow House Refresh Navy Bedroom Canopy Progress

I have started sewing away. I will end up having panels on each of the corners. I have never sewed anything besides pillows before so I think these didn’t turn out too too bad. I wasn’t sure how to fasten them at the top. At first I tried buttons, but when I attached them there was a lot of baggyness in between the buttons, and didn’t like how it looked. So instead I tried iron on Velcro and really like the way it turned out. From looking online seems like some people actually sew them on (if your canopy bed won’t allow you to take it apart and slip them on). I didn’t like this option because then I wouldn’t have the flexibility to remove them if needed. So I think the Velcro worked pretty well!

Little Yellow House Refresh Navy Canopy Bed Progress 2

I still need to finish the 2 on the end. Get new linens. I want everything else in the room to be very crisp white, since there will be so much pattern on the canopy. And I will have some pattern in the decorative pillows at the top, which I still need to find fabric for and sew!

I got everything I needed to do my DIY leather upholstered console table in the mail last week. So I am excited to try and get that going. Wish me luck!

Also remember I am going to try Shine Your Lights Ikea Wall Sconce Hack? I painted them last week and hope to get them hung this week! They are looking pretty cool and think they will be a perfect little addition to the canopy bed. It is going to be so cozy in there I am going to be jealous of my guests!

The other thing I need to figure out is art in the canopy. My original plan was the put one of the “as I open fire” prints over the bed and one on each side of the bed. However in the room the wall just isnt’ big enough to accommodate that. Seriously we tried every combination I made my husband move the bed with me 3 times so we could see how it looked one every wall….So now I plan on putting the 3 prints over the console table and putting something else over the bed. I tried to negotiate with my husband to have one print over the bed and the other two over the console table, but that was non negotiable. He usually lets me do what I want, but he is very passionate about hanging all three of these prints together, so what is a girl to do, I will let him win this one!

Can’t wait to see what everyone else has cooking for the week! Be sure to check out the whole list of participants here!

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  1. Oh I am dying over here with everything you’ve done! It’s looking so chic! You know I’m a sucker for blue and white, but if you’re going for bold go with the yellow! Either way it will look great! Let’s do this! XOXO, Sarah

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