ORC: There’s No Place Like Home Navy Bedroom

So I have gotten a couple things done over the last week.


You can see that I upholstered the console table in the croc pleather I mentioned. I think it turned out pretty cool. Not bad for only costing about $75. You can see I already had a yellow buffet in here, and I am still deciding between the two. The yellow goes really well with the art, however I was going for really clean lines and keeping it all navy and white. Shout out a comment with your favorite! Help me decide! So you will have to wait till the reveal to see which I pick!

But I am still trying to figure out what fabric I want to upholster my ottoman’s in and to make euro pillow for on the bed. I want these to match. I already made the below zig zag pillows, but honestly if I find another fabric that I am in love with I can always use those somewhere else.

zig zag pillow

Here are my options that I just ordered samples for. Remember they will be doing on either all white bedding or tucked until the all white console table, up against the navy background.

pisces slub fabric

Because there is so much other white I thought this fun fish print might look cool.

geo navy

Thought a nice geo option would be good since I already have so much floral.

ikat dot fabric

So in the next two weeks I still have to….

hang the sconce lights

find pillow fabric and sew

upholster ottomans

buy new crisp white bedding

find some decor for the console/buffet!

Can’t wait for it to be finished!

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10 Replies to “ORC: There’s No Place Like Home Navy Bedroom”

  1. It looks so good already! I am a big fan of navy walls, our bedroom was navy for a while. That greek key print is fabulous but I have a thing for greek key lately. I am sure whatever you decide will be fab!

  2. I do love the console but the yellow is a great pop of color.
    I have a chair in the ikat dot fabric. It has a great linen like texture to it. You can see it on my instagram: @california_house

  3. I just used that same Greek key fabric to make a bench cushion for our mudroom!

    I do like that yellow with the artwork, so that’s my vote, but I can see it feeling out of place if the rest of the room is all navy and white. Excited to see what you decide.

    LOVE the navy walls!

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