Weekend Update.

Last week was super busy. I traveled for work, and had a number of things going on when I got back. So this weekend was playing catch up for some past due cleaning and projects.

But first I spent the day in Madison with my good friend. The capitol building is always inspiring to see

TNPLH: Madison Capitol Building

Last week was Chris’s birthday so we celebrated that.

TNPLH: Gift Wrapping, Presents

I think the most fun part about giving gifts is the wrapping.

TNPLH: Curtains

I have way too many DIY projects going on right now to count. But I am very excited to be done with my first panel for the living room and dinning room area. This was my first time doing lined and pleated drapes and think they turned out just fine. Now the tricky part is going to be making the ones for the huge living room window…..

come back tomorrow and I will sharing a beautiful before and after picture of a friends living room I helped decorate!

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