Giveaway! Dinner Party In a Box

Hey Friends. I hope you had a great weekend. It was rainy around here. I am hoping that all this rain is making spring come faster.

So we all know I love a good dinner party. So I decided to start a new Monthly Feature. Dinner Party In a Box. Once a month I will create a fun new table scape and giveaway a portion of the creation!

I thought mixing a bunch of blues together would be a great place to start! I have just been loving mixing all sort of blues together, and layering them to make great depth on a table.

Ginger Jars are a great alternative to flower for a centerpiece too. Pull them from your living room to spice up the table and then move them back. Am I the only on that moves her accessories around all the time?? I am constantly re-arrnging them. So why not use them on your table!

I am also loving this print. I originally made a crib skirt for a good friend of mine, and she had a bit left. So I used it to make this table runner! It adds such beautiful life to the table.

The giveaway includes the above, and below. 4 Glasses, 4 B by Brandie Plates, 1 Hand Made Table Runner

To win the giveaway, there are a couple things you can do to enter. One entry for each thing you do! Entries will be accepted through Monday April 3rd. Good Luck!

1. Leave a Comment on the post and tell me what you like about the post, and what you would like to see for next months inspiration!

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4. Re-post a picture from the story on instagram to share with your friends, and tag me in it so I can see!!

So excited to do my first giveaway. I just love dinner parties and thought this would be a fun way to inspire all of you to up your dinner party game!

9 Replies to “Giveaway! Dinner Party In a Box”

  1. Love that you’re making your blog more interactive, Lianna! You’re so talented! Hope you’re doing well! Love all of the blues you used in this one- it’s my fave color to decorate with. I don’t know where you store all of these different place settings you use! You should share your tips for decluttering and staying organized at home.

    1. Thanks for your sweet words Kristal, it’s great to hear from you. Great idea. I can share some tips on that!! Although I am luck enough to have a lot of closets! 🙂

  2. Your tablescapes are so inspirational, love to see all the details you come up! I would love to see a tablescape that’s a bit retro but not in your face retro. Maybe with yellows and oranges?

    1. Thanks Emily! I will have to keep the combo in mind! I have been spying some fantastic orange and white vintage dinnerware here in town….could be dangerous!!!

  3. I’ve followed your blog since you posted it, and I love seeing your creativity! Your floral arrangements are SO pretty and your dinner party ideas inspire me to bring a little “fancy” to every day!

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