Cocktail Hour: Cucumber Gin Martini

So I love cucumber cocktails. And there was this great one at a bar downtown that I just loved and they stopped making it. So for a while now I have been trying to figure out a great alternative.

So after much practice I think I nailed it. Be careful because these things go down too easy.

First pick up a seedless cucumber. You can buy a seeded one too, but it will be easier to get all the juice out with the seedless.

Use your food processor to get the cucumbers down to a puree.

Then take the puree and use a strainer to get the juice out.

Now that you have the juice you can make the drink!

Cucumber Cocktail

1 Shot Domaine Canton Ginger Liquor

1 Shot Hendrick’s Gin

1 Shot Cucumber Juice

Shake till cold

it’s good to strain it a second time to make sure you get all the pulp from the cucumber out.

splash the top just a bit with prossecco and enjoy!!

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