Wallpaper Wednesday: Florals

I have been online stalking this Anthropologie Wallpaper for a while.

Anthro Garden Chinoiserie Mural

OMG I love it. It would be fantastic in my bathroom. See my latest progress from the still unfinished One Room Challenge here. I haven’t posted about my bathroom in a while, but the only thing I am waiting on is the glass for the shower (hooray!) which I am hoping gets installed in the next couple weeks. And I am now toying with wallpaper, because why not?

I love this mural but the problem is I would need to buy 3 of the murals and the third mural I would only end up using about 10% of the total roll which feels like a waste ;(

So I have started giving in a little and peaking around for some other floral fabulous options (hopefully getting a bird in too, bless my husband). The other upside to the anthro one….it is removable. Which I don’t know how removable works in a humid bathroom, but I think it would be a nice option to have after we spent a number of hours scraping three layers off the walls while re-doing the bathroom to begin with.


I like this G P & J Baker floral, but it doesn’t’ provide the same amount of spunk I am looking for.


This Osborne and Little Paradiso print is once again a favorite (i just love Osborne and Little). So I might need to order in a sample.


I also love this Bird of Paradise from Osborne and Little, however I have had a sample pinned up in the bathroom a while, and I am not loving the green with my red vanity.

Any others I should keep an eye out for?

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