DIY Wallpaper Panels

I love big art. I also love wallpaper panels covering a full wall. However the price tag on them is usually unsavory. This hallway isn’t done yet, during our kitchen renovation we changed it around a bit and now it will be an area with a new laundry closet. But, I am done with this hallway always looking ugly. So I am working on sprucing it up a bit.

I have a lot of color in the house so I decided to paint the area white. As you can see above I just wasn’t finding a gray that I liked. The white helped break up the color but it also means that it was a lot of white. So thought wallpaper would be just the thing to spruce up this space.

Wallpaper panels are fun, but super expensive. So I decided to make them myself.

First you just start with MDF wood. I cut mine 5 feet tall. The middle was 2 feet wide and the the 2 end panels are 1 foot wide. I got mine at the home depot, and got them to cut them down for me. I find this easier because of how big they are.

To start them out all you need are the standard wallpaper tools as shown above.

The panel is pretty small (relative to the full wall) so it’s pretty easy to get it done right by yourself. If you have never wallpapered just remember a couple things. Loosely lay it down in the spot you want and then start at one end. work from the middle out using the wallpaper brush with the short bristles. Then go back over with a plastic wallpaper smoother in the same way using your hand to feel for air bubbles.

Next step. Trim. I bought corner trim as shown above. Cut down to size. I sprayed it with gold spray paint and then used liquid nails to glue onto the side.

Chris helped me adhere hangers to the back. We used French Cleats. See a pic below. We got an easy to use little kit from Ace Hardware. And Chris said they made it super easy to hang.

Here is the hallway as it looks today. I got this bench on craigslist. As you can see I un-upholstered and waiting for the fabric to make it a bit prettier. So stay tuned for how this comes together. In general we still need some sprucing but it does look much better than before. Things still to do: skim coat wall, update electrical outlets, paint exterior wall, and the laundry closet is still only roughed in.

For now it’s much better. I also like that the bench will be on the opposite wall of the future laundry closet. It will be an easy spot to put a laundry basket. Good luck with your panels!

Wallpaper Wednesday: Bailey McCarthy

Just some eye candy to get your through the halfway mark this week. Bailey has always been a favorite of mine, and once again she hit it out of the park with her new house renovation. Here is just a tease, but be sure to hit up the whole story on House Beautiful here.

Bailey McCarthy House Beautiful Feb 2017

Bailey McCarthy House Beautiful Feb 2017 Living Room

Happy Wednesday!

Wallpaper Wednesday: Florals

I have been online stalking this Anthropologie Wallpaper for a while.

Anthro Garden Chinoiserie Mural

OMG I love it. It would be fantastic in my bathroom. See my latest progress from the still unfinished One Room Challenge here. I haven’t posted about my bathroom in a while, but the only thing I am waiting on is the glass for the shower (hooray!) which I am hoping gets installed in the next couple weeks. And I am now toying with wallpaper, because why not?

I love this mural but the problem is I would need to buy 3 of the murals and the third mural I would only end up using about 10% of the total roll which feels like a waste ;(

So I have started giving in a little and peaking around for some other floral fabulous options (hopefully getting a bird in too, bless my husband). The other upside to the anthro one….it is removable. Which I don’t know how removable works in a humid bathroom, but I think it would be a nice option to have after we spent a number of hours scraping three layers off the walls while re-doing the bathroom to begin with.


I like this G P & J Baker floral, but it doesn’t’ provide the same amount of spunk I am looking for.


This Osborne and Little Paradiso print is once again a favorite (i just love Osborne and Little). So I might need to order in a sample.


I also love this Bird of Paradise from Osborne and Little, however I have had a sample pinned up in the bathroom a while, and I am not loving the green with my red vanity.

Any others I should keep an eye out for?