Little Yellow House: Living Room

I used to dream of having a new house and posting all the amazing project we were working on. Now I realize it’s very hard to share projects because of several things. 1. I get so caught up in how things are coming that I forget 2. I never think it is done 3. I also work a full time job and things feel like they drag on for a while (like we are only about 90% done with the bathroom that I was very over zealous about finishing for the One Room Challenge in spring, oh well such is life).

Anyway I have started working on the living room slowly and wanted to share some of my design inspiration and the before pics.

TNPLH: Little Yellow House Living Room Before PIc 1

The house living space is largley open concept which is nice and I think will help sell the house later after we fix it up. The very bottom of the pic is where the dinning room table is and then it goes right into this large but long living space.

TNPLH: Little Yellow House Living Room Before 2

So here is the other side of the living room and then to the left it goes into a hallway to the bedrooms. You can see the first thing we liked about this house was all the natural light. It just pours into the house every day and creates a very warm feeling. First thing was to paint all the windows white. The windows are in pretty good shape from what we can see so far so we painted them all and scraped the wallpaper from above the window. Nice little accent. And also the drapes. OMG this house has so many heavy drapes everywhere just filled with dust. I took those down.

As you can see Watson was also very curious about the light in the room too 🙂

TNPLH: Living Room Before

Don’t you just love that wood paneling?

TNPLH: Living Room Window Painting

These windows took FOREVER. But now that they are done they brighten the room and look much more updated.

TNPLH: Living Room Window Painting 2

Check back tomorrow for some more fun on the furniture we have put in the living room so far and an inspiration board!

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