White Hand Bouquet Inspiration

When I did my friend Mary’s wedding last week one of her friends approached me to help with her wedding flowers. I was so excited to start drumming up inspiration for her big day. She wants to use all white flowers. The wedding is going to be in the Fall at one of my favorite Milwaukee spots, The Iron Horse Hotel.




The bride was hoping to do her bouquet in one solid flower. I love this option (which are Anemone White Flowers). You can also do it with Gerber Daisy’s at a better price!


I also like the option of just lilies or orchids all together.


Lately, I have been loving lilies in general….they look really pretty mixed with roses.



solid calla lilies are always a classic choice.


although peonies will be out of season by October, we could also do white garden roses, which are some of my faves.





1/2/3/4/5/6/7 /8/9/10/11

Just to mix things up I though I would add one, sorta out there option but would look amazing in a fall wedding….

special bridal bouquet option

special bride bouquet option

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    1. I agree Albertina – that would be amazing! For now it is just so fun to make them! I was truley flattered when she approached me. I can’t wait!

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