Current House Project: Iron Horse Comic Painting

So I bought my condo when I was single and I figured this is the only time I can decorate exactly how I want. So it ended up pretty girly. Chris doesn’t mind most of it but he does have a problem with my ballerina paintings :). So I commissioned him to make me a vintage comic painting to replace them. I was inspired by the Iron Horse Hotel Bar here in town. If you are ever in Milwaukee you should for sure check it out. It is on of my favorite spots (we also had out rehearsal dinner there). It is decorated to die for. I did a round up of the hotel here.

Anyway in the bar there are these amazing comic paintings done by a local artist. I LOVE them. Chris happens to be a fine art undergrad (now he works in multi media/film). So I figured he could make me one!

Iron Horse Hotel

We finally picked up a canvas this weekend to start working on it! So we had to go back to the Iron Horse for a drink and appetizer to gauk at the more 🙂

Iron Horse Comic Paintings

Close up of Comic Paintings

Comic Paintings


Comic Paintings

What do you think? Less girly?

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  1. We are interested in these canvas for our new office area. We are wondering if you’re interested in making these again?


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