Fun Floral Fabric!

Hello All: Happy Monday. Hope everyone had a great weekend.

This weekend was especially fun for me because I tried on wedding dresses! My family and friends came with and I tried on what seems like a thousand dresses. In the end I think I have picked which I am going to get, and as usual it is nothing of what I imagined. You will all have to wait to see it until June!

Anyway besides that fun I also found this heavenly fabric at a local fabric store. But it was $100 a yard! Now I loved the print but that cost was rather high so I figured I would search the web and sure enough I found it for $10 a yard! Can you believe there would be that big of a discrepancy! I am wondering if there is a huge quality difference? Anyway at that cheap price I ordered a yard to see if the fabric is good enough for some bed pillows. I sure hope so otherwise I might have to splurge at the local shop because I love the print so much. They are only decorative pillows so not sure if they need to be a really high quality.

What do you think? Love it or hate it?

Floral Print

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