Pop Up Party

So I am excited to share more pictures of my pop up party with you! As I mentioned last week for my birthday I planned my first pop up party. I got the inspiration from Oh Happy Day, one of my favorite blogs. I had such a great time and the party was a huge hit. It was a really fun and unique way to celebrate with friends. I rented everything for the party: table, linens, silverware, chairs. I wanted to add a little something so I made table runners. I had planned on sewing them – but I ran out of time so I just cut fabric and it worked perfectly. Then I  made some fun food that was easy to transport and we grilled steaks in the park. This will for sure be a repeat event. All my friends had such a great time.

For simplicity of setting the table when we were in the park – I wrapped all the silverware up – looks cute too!

I made a couple of appetizers. I picked recipes that were easy to make early in the day and transport to the park!

Dinner! For the main course we grilled steaks. I also made over roasted sweet potatoes right before we left for the park. I kept them in a warm container and they were still warm for dinner! I also made a caprese salad.

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