Late Summer Pop Up Party

I love a good pop up party. I have hosted a couple ( lake michigan, bachelorette, city scape), and over labor day I had the pleasure of hosting another.




Funny Story: the party evolved from my sisters friends seeing all my posts for parties and wanting to co-host one. So over labor day we went to my sister’s friend’s house which had the best backdrop for an amazing party.



As you know flowers are always top of mind the it comes to a good party. So we bought some from the grocery store and mixed with the most amazing dahlias from the farmers market.


Isn’t the backdrop just amazing! It was overlooking the most beautiful ravine that goes down to the river.



I just loved the fabric I found to make the table runner. The moody floral was the perfect backdrop for a late summer party.


Now this pop up was a little different from some, since we did it at someone’s house we didn’t have to haul all of the stuff to a remote location. So we were able to set the table a little more elaborate.






I just love outdoor dinner parties! Do you want help planning an event! Shoot me an email!!!

Impromptu Pop Up

I love a good pop up party, and a good dinner party in general so I was pumped when my mother in law got me some outdoor chairs for my birthday. Outdoor furniture has been on my mind all summer, but with all our other projects and expenses it was on the back burner. So it was a nice surprise that they went on sale and I got them for my birthday!

TNPLH: Backyard Pop Up Party 1

Our dinner was very last minute, and we don’t officially have a table yet. So I just used a folding table with a white splatter painted table cloth I used for the Valentines Day Brunch Shown Here.

TNPLH: Backyard Pop Up 2

I just love the green chairs! they come in black too, but I love a pop of color and they look so amazing against the green backdrop.

TNPLH: Backyard Pop Up 3

I still just love these buffalo check napkins. And the best part – they are so cheap. They are from a Wholesale Linen Website. Find them here. I think I eventually need them in every color. And they wash beautifully!

TNPLH: Backyard Pop UP 4

The dogs had fun too!

Do you ever do fancy dinner parties outside? I highly recommend them! they are so fun!

Lake Michigan Pop Up Party

I love a good pop up party. I have been doing about one a year for the last 3 years. The first one I did was in a local park and I ended up getting engaged that night which made the night extra special. See my first here. My second was a quasi pop up party. We did one for my bachlorette party, shown here, but since we did it for so many girl we just did it in my friends back yard. But it was still a wonderful night. This time I wanted to head down to the beach and make it really magical.

We went to my favorite spot on the lake, Doctor’s Park, just north of downtown Milwaukee. We packed up 2 SUV’s with rentals, food, decor and grills and headed to the beach on a foggy Friday night. I was rather worried about the weather, but it held out for us and made the night pretty magical.

TNPLH: Lake Michigan Pop Up Party

TNPLH: Lake Michigan Pop Up Party

TNPLH: Lake Michigan Pop Up Party

TNPLH: Lake Michigan Pop Up Party

TNPLH: Lake Michigan Pop Up Party

TNPLH: Lake Michigan Pop Up Party

TNPLH: Lake Michigan Pop Up Party

TNPLH: Lake Michigan Pop Up Party

TNPLH: Lake Michigan Pop Up Party

TNPLH: Lake Michigan Pop Up Party

It was a great night. I already can’t wait to do one next summer!

Outdoor Dinner Party

Happy Tuesday. The weekend got away from me. It was busy but very nice and relaxing. I went up to visit my sister and her husband this weekend, and it took it as one last chance to celebrate summer. So we decided to have an outdoor colorful dinner party. We wanted to string up lights in her trees, but we realized we didn’t have enough so we created a make shift chandelier with the lights we did have, some branches, and a tomato cage from her garden. It created a perfect ambiance for our last summer dinner.

rustic outdoor chandelier

summer dinner party

colorful dinnerware

Looks like it could have been one of our last hot weekends, this weekend it is suppose to be only 65 degrees!

Oudoor Party Inspiration

We all know I am absolutley obsessed with fancy outdoor dinner parties. I threw one last year for my birthday, also the night I got engaged. You can see the pictures here.

Anyway for my second outdoor party we will be doing one for my bachlorette party. It needs to be even fancier and more beautiful than the first. I needed to drum up some ideas for my bridesmaids and they help me throw this epic night.


I think once I own my own house this will be a regular occurance.


At some point I would love to have one in the country out by my parents house – do it a bit more rustic.



The girls and I are already dreaming up ways to do something with lighting. Since my sister is McGiver and has more Christmas lights than one needs I think we should be able to pull off something lovley.



Gold Chevarie chairs have already been rented – check.


I have been dreaming of doing one on a roof for years. But roofs seem to be hard to come by in Milwaukee. If anyone has one I can borrow you just let me know.



Festive mini champage bottles at each place setting are a must. The straws will be pink and white and I am picturing them with a small name tag attached to double as a place card.




I just found this bachlorette party on pinkterst. Heaven! I already rented the gold flatware….maybe I have to order some flowers too!

Can’t wait!


Pop Up Party

So I am excited to share more pictures of my pop up party with you! As I mentioned last week for my birthday I planned my first pop up party. I got the inspiration from Oh Happy Day, one of my favorite blogs. I had such a great time and the party was a huge hit. It was a really fun and unique way to celebrate with friends. I rented everything for the party: table, linens, silverware, chairs. I wanted to add a little something so I made table runners. I had planned on sewing them – but I ran out of time so I just cut fabric and it worked perfectly. Then I  made some fun food that was easy to transport and we grilled steaks in the park. This will for sure be a repeat event. All my friends had such a great time.

For simplicity of setting the table when we were in the park – I wrapped all the silverware up – looks cute too!

I made a couple of appetizers. I picked recipes that were easy to make early in the day and transport to the park!

Dinner! For the main course we grilled steaks. I also made over roasted sweet potatoes right before we left for the park. I kept them in a warm container and they were still warm for dinner! I also made a caprese salad.