Wedding cakes. I am not a very traditional person and neither is my fiance. It seems more and more these days people are finding creative ways to have dessert at weddings, leaving the poor cake behind.

However we both love cake. When Josh was a little boy, his dad didn’t care much for cake. Then one day, he watched as Josh ate a piece of cake with so much joy and enthusiasm, he thought – there must be something good about cake for him to love it so much.

When designing our wedding cake – we wanted to make sure our love of cake could spread to even the biggest cake critic. And to prove that even cakes can be a fun dessert for a wedding.

We found a local bakery with a passion for art, 3D cakes, and sense of fun to help us create our cake. In the end we will be serving a five-tier, uneven, topsy-turvy cake that reminds me of the Fairy Godmothers in Sleeping Beauty.

Our base tier will be bright pink with light pink swirls over top. The next one will be light green. Then bright lime green with whimsical flowers. Then pale yellow. And last but not least a tonal yellow, wrapped cake with bright pink “buttons” on the side.

Below is a sketch of what our cake will look like:

With each layer being a different flavor I seriously think I might eat 5 pieces of cake that night without shame. I can’t wait!


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