Bridesmaids. Think about them. They do a lot for you. They are your best friends. They are the ones you played dress up with at Grandma and Grandpa’s house as children, you told your deepest secrets to in middle school, and got totally drunk with in college. They are there for you when you buy your first house and need it painted. They are there when your POS car starts on fire when you are driving it in to sell it. And are there for you when you get a job 1,000 miles away and need to move in a 1991 Ford with no air conditioning on the hottest day of the summer. Our parents always told us if had five friends you could count on for anything, you were a lucky person. I must be one of the most blessed people in the world as I have six and they will stand up with me this summer as my bridesmaids.

So, when buying them a gift, how can you possibly get them a gift that means that much? I have no idea. So I came up with a different plan.

If you are one of my bridesmaids – please read no further…

I decided the best I can do for them, is to give them my blood, sweat and tears in the form of a hand-sewn purse. This project became the closest thing to an assembly line I will ever do. Seven purses all similar, but each a bit different.

I hope they like them!

Wallpaper Wednesday | Why not Tile?

Wallpaper. I love it just as much as my sister. But since she is letting me post this week – why not mix it up a bit? Why not wall tile? Sure, its expensive. And much more permanent. But for those of us brave enough to try it – it can really make a statement! Below are some images that caught my fancy. Check them out!



Wedding cakes. I am not a very traditional person and neither is my fiance. It seems more and more these days people are finding creative ways to have dessert at weddings, leaving the poor cake behind.

However we both love cake. When Josh was a little boy, his dad didn’t care much for cake. Then one day, he watched as Josh ate a piece of cake with so much joy and enthusiasm, he thought – there must be something good about cake for him to love it so much.

When designing our wedding cake – we wanted to make sure our love of cake could spread to even the biggest cake critic. And to prove that even cakes can be a fun dessert for a wedding.

We found a local bakery with a passion for art, 3D cakes, and sense of fun to help us create our cake. In the end we will be serving a five-tier, uneven, topsy-turvy cake that reminds me of the Fairy Godmothers in Sleeping Beauty.

Our base tier will be bright pink with light pink swirls over top. The next one will be light green. Then bright lime green with whimsical flowers. Then pale yellow. And last but not least a tonal yellow, wrapped cake with bright pink “buttons” on the side.

Below is a sketch of what our cake will look like:

With each layer being a different flavor I seriously think I might eat 5 pieces of cake that night without shame. I can’t wait!


How it all began…

Once upon a time, many moons ago, two sisters were wandering through the purse section in a high-end department store. The younger, more fashionable yet practical sister, saw a beautiful, white, leather, handbag. She walked over to the bag, and with eyes lit up picked up the purse. “My life will reach it’s pinnacle when I can buy a white leather handbag”, she told her sister. See to the younger sister, a white leather hand bag was the ultimate accessory, but also extremely frivolous for not only are they expensive, but being white, they will get dirty and ruined in no time. To buy a white leather handbag was basically throwing money away. The older sister always wanted to give her sister what she wanted. She put that conversation in her head, and stored it knowing one day she could do something about it.

Years pass. The girls are now out of college and split up by miles and mountains. The older sister is working in Aspen, CO in high-end residential design while the younger sister is in Wisconsin. One day at work, the older sister came across a perfect white leather couch. The owners no loner liked the six month old couch leather and wanted it to be reupholstered. The sister recalled the white leather handbag conversation from years previous, and with caution proceeded to ask for the tossed-aside leather.

“Your life has reached its pinnacle. I have found the most beautiful, white leather, and will make you a handbag.”

For days on end, the older sister worked on the purse. Having never sewn with leather, it was a long, hard, bloody journey. The temperamental sewing machine refused to work, so with a fork for even spacing, thimble to push the needle through the leather, wrench to pull the needle through on the other side, the sister worked on the purse. Many lessons were learned, but finally the purse was complete. She packaged it up in black cloth bag, inside a beautiful box with pink tissue paper, and sent it off to her sister where it still lives happily ever after.


Unfortunately, Lianna and I didn’t have cameras when this first purse was made so we have no proof/pictures to show you. However, what would be a story without some images? After Lianna’s first purse, I learned a lot, and really began to learn how to sew leather. Each project I learn more. Here are a few purses I made in that first year.

One for our mom-


Like I said – I learned a lot while doing purses. When this one was first given to my mom, it had a zipper. It had its debut at my cousin’s wedding. About half way through the night, we could no longer get the zipper to work. I had to find the manager of the banquette hall to get us a scissors, and cut the bag open… The couch leather I was using was incredibly thick, and when it gathered together, it made for very challenging zipper placement. I have since learned tricks and hope that wont happen again. So far – so good.

One for our other sister-


With Lindsay’s love for gardening, I made her a rosette purse. It is big enough for a book (she lives on an island – I feel like she reads a lot. Not to mention she is a teacher), and check book. Though this is an in progress shot, the strap that I made for her was long so she could where it across her body, and it hangs behind her, just as she prefers.


And last – one for me.



In all the handbags I make, I do bright colors on the inside that reflect the new owner. For my mom, it was lime green as it’s one of her favorites, Lindsay a paisley in earthy tones, as she is earthy. And for me, I used some scrap faberic from pillows I had made for my old apartment in Denver. I figure, life can be boring, why should your purse – right? This purse is now 4 or so years old, and I just took these pictures. I am happy to say, its still in great shape!


All the purses above were hand-sewn with a needle and a fork for spacing. It took me a LONG time to get my sewing machine to work on leather, but that is for a different day!