Long Weekend

I always love starting a new week when you really feel you had a well balanced weekend. My husband and I got a little bit of everything in. I painted closet doors, we grouted the bathroom (finally!), spent time with family, and I painted 2 walls in my living room. Phew.

Wason's favorite spotLet’s first start with Watson, isn’t’ he adorbes?

Bathroom Grout

We have officially been moved into our home for 2.5 Months and we started the bathroom during the One Room Challenge yet, needless to say we didn’t complete in time, but now things seem to be moving along smoothly. But PS – my Kohler Faucets still aren’t even in! Hoping to get them this week so my counter top people can come and measure!

Living Room Lavendar

I also painted the living room. Although we aren’t really doing things in order (the trim isnt’ painted yet) I just couldn’t stand the look of the walls anymore. They probably hadn’t been painted in 20 years and the color they were was terrible. Some sort of yellowy cream color that just made them look dirty. I love the color, makes the room feel warm and I love it paired with my navy ginger jars. I will have to share more on my living room later.


And also – this is happening tonight. I am finally bringing in my china cabinet that I found on craigslist. Hooray! This girl has way too many dishes and wants to get them out of all the boxes to free up space in the guest bedroom!

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