Loving Lately…

So lately I have been loving lights/sconces over paintings.

Trad Home Magazine

Love this space that was featured in the recent issue of TradHome. Isn’t it gorgeous!

But I don’t want to have to re-wire everything on the wall.

Screen Shot 2016-07-07 at 4.30.05 PM

So I recently found this one, and now it’s on my wish list. I think it would be really cute above the art in my living room, and help lighten up the wall.

TNPLH: Living Room

Wouldn’t that be fun? Not sure I will get them for a while, but they are on my mind!

Craigslist Chair Rescue

A while back I found these incredible chairs on craigslist.

new craigslist chairs

I got both chairs for $50 total.

TNPLH: Little Yellow House Living Room Before PIc 1

Just a reminder this is what the corner of the living room looked like when we moved it!

TNPLH: Little Yellow House Living Room 1

I have done some reupholstery in the past, but I wanted these done fast so I sent them to my amazing upholsterer to they could be done quickly! It’s nice to see how far along the living has come over the last year. Slowly but surely!

TNPLH: Little Yellow House Living Room 2

TNPLH: Living Room 3

I like how the living room is coming along so far. As you can see we pulled up the carpet when I FINALLY found an are rug. It took me a while to find something I liked (that wasn’t $5,000). This rug I found at world market. Isn’t it fun? Check it out here.

TNPLH: Living Room 4

I also love these little garden stools (from home goods!). As you can see we still have to refinish the floors and then I will need to paint the trim. I am hoping to have them done when we are gone for vacation for a week this August!

TNPLH: Little Yellow House Living Room 5

Little Yellow House: Dinning Room Reveal

I have shown some pics of the dinning room with some of the dinner parties I have throw, but I haven’t officially taken nice pics to share!

Little Yellow House: Dinning Room Reveal 2

For the most part I just picked up my dinning set from the condo (seen featured here) and brought everything to the house with a couple updates.

The cane back chairs I just love. Craigslist over 7 years ago. $50 for the set of 6. Not bad in my book. A couple weekends ago I finally got around to re-upholstering the cushion. I hadn’t done anything with the pink that was previously there, and then one Sunday I realized I had extra of this navy and white fabric (Tilton Fenwick for Duralee) on a bolt still and alas, had enough for re-finihsing them. So that was a great quick update and really helped bring the space together.

Little Yellow House Dinning Room Reveal 1

If you follow me on Instagram you have seen me toiling away sewing these curtains. I followed the Design Sponge Pleated Drape Tutorial found here. The thing with curtains is (this was my first time making them so am far from an expert), in my opinion the hardest thing is the quantity of fabric you are dealing with. I laid mine out on the floor when I did mine (it’s also a fantastic butt workout because of all the squats you end up doing).

I plan on posting on how I made my curtain rod later this week, so check back!.

TNPLH: Little Yellow House Living Room Before PIc 1

Just as a reminder here is what the total space looked like. As you can see from above we pulled up all the carpet, which we knew had hardwood floors underneath. We were going to wait till our kitchen was done to protect them, but I couldn’t handle the hideous carpet anymore. You can see above we still need to refinish the hardwood, they are on the orange side. But for now, they look much better.

Little Yellow House: Dinning Room After 3

This picture shows the behind, which again I haven’t shown too much of, but I will be posting on that later. Yes, that china cabinet was from craigslist, as were those upholstered chairs….I reflected the other day that in the first year of being here at the new house I have purchased 6 pieces of furniture all on craigslist and I swear that I didn’t pay more than $1000 for all of them together (and that includes having my guy reupholster the chairs!!). My theory is…..that many of you know…I hunt and hunt on craigslist for everything. 85%ish of my furniture is used. So, that allows me to splurge on things I just can’t get right!

Fireplace Reveal

So we have almost been in the house for a year and I have shared a couple things in their finished state, which is always hard because you never feel like it is finished! But today I am happy to share our before and after of our mantle.

Little Yellow House: Firehouse Before

Here is our before picture of the living room and mantle. You can see the little mantle was so little that you couldn’t put anything on it. We had to change that immediately. So it took some time but we built out a mantle that was more suitable for decorating!

TNPLH: DIY Mantle 6

You can see all the steps on when we built this here.


So since the last post we have done a couple more updates and I am feeling really happy with how it is looking.

Little Yellow House: DIY Mantle Reveal 1

Little Yellow House: DIY Mantle Reveal 2

Little Yellow House: DIY Mantle Reveal 3

Little Yellow House: DIY Mantle Reveal 4

There is it – hope you like it. I am having a lot of fun trading out how I decorate it. I feel like every couple of weeks I switch up what is on there, which has been really fun. I haven’t fully landed on the mirror over, but it does look really pretty! The alternative would be some sort of abstract art, which would also be fun. But for now we will use this vintage mirror, it was my grandmother’s. What do you think?

ORC: Navy Bedroom Reveal!

I am so excited to share the final reveal of the ORC today! We moved into our first house in March and we have been updating little by little since then. Be sure to follow along with all the participants here!

Little Yellow House Guest Bedroom Before 1

You can see here was the before. We did a lot to the room including….

painted walls, trim, and doors

refinished floors

sewed canopy panels

sewed pillows

updated Ikea sconces with Ikea hack

re-upholstered ottomans

re-painted end table for night stand

replace light fixture
















I am so happy with the way the room turned out. We have guests coming this weekend to visit (perfect timing) and I am pumped for them to enjoy the space!

ORC: There’s No Place Like Home Navy Bedroom

So in the last week we have been working on a lot of little finishing details, but feels like we didn’t get much done. Don’t you  hate that?

I still can’t decide on the yellow vs the white console. Part of me now wishes we had time for me to paint the buffet navy with a white stripe. Oh well. That might have to be saved for a later project.

photo 2

We’ve been spraying away….

photo 1

and spraying….

photo 3

So excited about our little Ikea Sconces inspired by Shine Your Light. She changed up the lamp shade a bit but for our aesthetic I thought the more traditional white fit in just fine.

Good luck to everyone in the final weeks! Make sure to link up with everyone else here!