Christmas Tree!

This weekend my boyfriend Chris and I went to get our Christmas tree. It has always been a family tradition of mine to go out and spend way too long finding the perfect tree and cutting it down. I love the fresh smell of the pine and the hunt is something I cherish. Since I have very tall ceilings in my loft style condo I wanted to take advantage and get as tall a tree as I could find. So we went out to search for the perfect tree – tall but not too fat. Since I haven’t had a tree THAT many years I have always used a couple tricks to help my tree look more full without spending a LOT on ornaments. For my first tree I went and bought some fake poinsettias in purple and in white. The poinsettias are fun since they are pretty and take up a good amount of space. Next I always wrap my tree in ribbon which helps to take up space and is simply lovely. Another trick is to go to a craft store and get some fun fake branches to stick in the tree. They are cheaper than lots of ornaments and take up more space! Happy Decorating!





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