Green Wedding Flowers with Succulents

So after I was looking through old pictures I realized – hello – I never posted flower pics from my friends wedding back in May! They were so fun and I loved making them because they were pretty different from ones I have done in the past. Watson loves flowers tooI always love a good Watson shot – he is so curious about when we have gobs of flowers in the condo!


First thing is to prep the succulents. If you haven’t done it before – they aren’t a flower. They are a plant. You literally have to remove them from dirt. Clean them off. Then you use floral tape to attach them to wire. Here is a good video on how to if you haven’t done it before. The unique thing about that is – they can last several weeks without being in soil and after you use them in a bouquet you can plant them again and keep them forever!

TNPLH: Green Wedding Flowers

TNPLH: Green Wedding Flowers


TNPLH: Green Wedding Flowers

I think one of my favorite things about these bouquets was all the textures in them. The hypericum berry is my absolute favorite. It add something so special and unique to the mix.

TNPLH: Green Wedding Flowers

TNPLH: Green Flowers

I was in this wedding too.

finished hand bouquet

You can see here the final product from the day. We did the wrapped satin ribbon, but then over that we wrapped each bouquet with the grooms family tartan. Isn’t that amazing!

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