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For my dinner party a couple weeks ago I tried a couple new recipes and they were all a huge hit.

First course we started with a Celery Root and Green Apple soup. Now I have made this recipe a couple of times. For starters it is 1. super easy 2. super good and 3. super healthy. I have been making it for lunches (also freezes super well which I like in a good soup). As usual I was all busy in dinner party preparation that I forgot to take food pics 🙂 Anyway check out the recipe here.

Epicurous Celery Root and Apple Soup

Next for the main course I found this recipe on the The EveryGirl. My number one demand for a dinner party entree is that the bulk of the cooking can be done ahead. So for this recipe I cooked the pears/shallots and such ahead, stuffed the pork and rolled it up ahead. Then at that point I put in the refrigerator until the time we were planning on throwing on the stove/oven. It worked really well. I probably did the prep 5ish hours before and it worked perfect. Find the recipe here. I think this recipe would also be amazing with apple instead of pear.

The Every Girl Stuffed Pork Tenderloin

pic from the EveryGirl

I served the pork with and easy side of rosemary red potatoes (also made ahead and kept in the refrigerator – I don’t have a recipe I just wing that one) and some roasted broccoli (I think asparagus would go better however my husband loves his broccoli – lord knows why).

For dessert I love taking advantage of dinner parties as a time to practice ice cream making. yum! This time I made this Salted Carmel Ice Cream from Epicurous – heaven!

epicurous salted carmel ice creamAnyway – I thought the whole mean worked really well together – it was certainly a hit!

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