Blue and White Table

This weekend was my graduation from my MBA which was super exciting. But the more exciting thing was dinner after. We decided to do it at my parents house (since when I tried booking all the good restaurants even in January were booked). But it ended up being even better than if we had gone out. I made the table runner. I posted about my inspiration here. I also bought flowers from Whole Foods to create a center floral arrangement. I think it looked just perfect!

TNPLH:  Blue and White Table Seting

I mixed my mothers Ralph Lauren Salad Plates with plain square plates she found a while back at TJMax. I love the way the printed plates off set the table runner I made.

TNPLH: Hydragea Bouquet in Soup Tourine

I also just love how the Hydrangea/Rose bouquet looked in the vintage soup tureen I got for my wedding shower. I also use the same vase on my Christmas Table shown here.

TNPLH: Blue and White Table

THPLH: Blue and White Table

TNPLH: Blue and White Table

TNPLH: Blue and White Table Setting

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