Christmas dinner preperation

I have been so busy this week at work I haven’t even had time to show you all the fun I had last weekend. I wanted to prep for our holiday table with flowers and making a table overlay. I wanted to mix poinsettia’s in with red roses for my table. I haven’t always been a red person but lately I have been loving it! I wasn’t sure how the poinsettia blossoms would hold up…after a week I would say they are ok….some of the blossoms look better than others. Next year I might have to mix in something else. Or just make it closer in. The red roses hold up well but the others have faded a bit. I wanted to make the arrangement a bit out because I wanted to enjoy them for as long as possible since we go away to our families for the holidays.

TNPLH: Holiday Flowr Prep

TNPLH: Holiday Flowers!

TNPLH: Holiday Flowers

TNPLH: Holiday Flowers!!!

I also made this table overlay last weekend. Just added pom poms to the edges – pom pom’s make everything better!

TNPLH: Holiday Table Overlay

Can’t wait to see how it all looks for our Holiday dinner this weekend! I will share more next week!

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