When Wine Wednesday Gets Cosmic!

My sister is here today to share us with a fun new cocktail recipe! Enjoy!


About eight months ago, overwhelmed with finalizing wedding plans, buying an old home to fix up, and life in general, I decided I wasn’t seeing my friends enough. Determined to have more face time, I instigated Wine Wednesday. Each Wednesday we get together, have a few cocktails and just hang out, no boys allowed. This past week, I wanted to mix it up and try something fun! So I made Cosmos.

My prep for the cosmo’s started Tuesday evening. I measured out the cranberry and lime juice, poured them into each class, and then put them in the freezer at an angle.

Some say a spare freezer is for meat. Nonsense! I say its for Cosmo starters!

Then on Wednesday, when my girls came over all I had to do was mix the vodka and Cointreau and throw in a lime slice.

First start with all the fixin's!
First start with all the fixin’s!


Serving on a silver platter. Now that's a must!
Serving on a silver platter. Now that’s a must!


And Enjoy!
And Enjoy!

Now. If I were to do this again, here is what I would do differently. First. When freezing the cranberry juice, I would only freeze HALF the recommended amount. Second. When mixing the vodka and Cointreau, I would then mix the other half of cranberry juice. In order to keep it visually appealing, I would use red cranberry juice for what is frozen and white cranberry juice for the “top off”.That way it won’t be all vodka when you take that first sip!



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