Last Week Recap: LA

Happy Monday All! So last week I was in LA all week for work. Which is usually all meetings meetings meetings however this time we got to do some fun things with my team and with my vendors.

First night we had drinks in Hermosa Beach. It was nice to see the ocean – which I usually never get to even lay eyes on!

Second night we went to a fun restaurant with apps – which I can’t even remember the name of!

In the restroom they had the most fun decopage wallpaper. Check it! Heaven!

Wednesday was a night out at the auto museum.

Hello Glamor!

Dinner at the In-And-Out Burger Truck. Yum!


The last night I had drinks on the patio of the Malibu Beach In. We could hear the waves crashing all night. Heaven – this was the only pic that turned out because it was so dark.

Overall it was nice to actually check out some of LA which I was there for work. Hopefully this week goes fast!


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