For brunch on Sunday my friend Mary helped me make Macaroons. I have to say a couple months ago I tried to make them and they turned out less than mediocre. Although they tasted good they weren’t perfect. So Mary had a bit of experience and this time they turned so much better!

The first lesson was that the first time I ground my own almonds in the food processor to make the almond flour. Did you know you can just buy almond flour instead? It is much better. This helped make sure our flour was nice and smooth instead of lumpy.

Next make sure that your eggs whites create a nice thick texture.

Add some food coloring and pipe out on a pan. Remember to let them sit until the batter gets tacky (which for one of the batches was an hour!). When you touch it the cookies should feel sticky and not come off on your finger.

Voila! Don’t they look great? Next time I have to work on making them all the same size and testing new flavors. But for my second batch they were a hit!

(and they looked great on the table too)

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