Week of Bookshelves!

A friend of mine is looking for some inspiration for her new beautiful built in bookshelves. So this week I am going to feature some wonderful inspiration and decorative accent collages to help fill the spaces.

I love the way the books are all mixed in the shelf here. I also really like the way the books are stacked up on their side with fun decorative pieces on top. The framed art mixed in also ads a nice touch.

All the vases mixed in with the decorative boxes are fun here.

The blue painted inside of the bookshelf is a great way to add lots of color. I like all the vases mixed in here too.

Vintage books stacked up look great in this elegant space. I also like the sponge like materials that top of the shelf.

I like the white vases mixed in. It helps create consistency in the shelf. I also love the bright colors! Makes me think that spring might be around the corner soon.

Fun decorative accents!

We all know I am a huge wallpaper fan – I love this print mixed in to turn this more plain bookshelf into fantastic.

That wallpaper is heaven! Love the fun accents mixed in too – very modern way to create such a nice space. I also love the baskets mixed in – they help to hide clutter.

The canisters mixed in here are fun. I love the elephant mixed in with all those orange and pink books too. I also love the cook books mixed in too – a nice way to display them.

First of all those black and white dinning chairs are a little slice of heaven! I also love how the framed art is hung on the outside of the shelves.


Tomorrow I will feature some decorative collages and later in the week more bookshelves!

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