Wedding Week! How to make a Card Box.

Sorry I was MIA for a week. I was at my parents and there are so much preparation for my sisters wedding that I didn’t have time to even touch my computer! I can’t wait to share a bunch of fun pics from my sisters wedding last week that turned out great!

First I made a card box for the bride and groom. We bought a plain heavy cardboard hat box at Hobby Lobby.

First I wrapped it up trying several different ways. After a couple of attempts to wrap the cylinder I decided the best way was to cover it circle wise and then cut stripes of paper down to cover it up and tape down the paper inside.


Before I covered the top I just took a sharp pair of kitchen sheers and cut down the card slot big enough to make sure everything can get in. Then once I covered the whole thing I found the whole and then cut down the paper to wrap it to the inside.

For once last finishing touch I cut out a circle to fit the bottom and cover up all the taped down paper.

Next – add a bunch of ribbon!

ta da! all done – once I figured out the best way to wrap the circle it went very quickly! It looked nice at the wedding and then it was just one more present the bride and groom could open.

Baby Presents

Last weekend I had a baby shower – here are the pics. Don’t you love the ribbon layered up like this?

I love the way they turned out.


Shower Preperations!

Laura’s wedding shower is this weekend. I am so excited. I wrapped presents last night – still lots of preparations to do today. Can’t wait to share pics with you later. Hope everyone has a great weekend.

The invite my boyfriend helped me put together.

Presents! I like the way the wrapping turned out!


Christmas Prep Day!

So excited to have a day off of work today to do all the fun Christmas things that I have on my list. Got up early enjoyed a cup of tea and got started right away on wrapping. The tree is looking much better with all the goodies piled under! Next on the list make my Christmas cards, plant some paper whites, and make an appetizer for a Christmas party tonight. I will share pics tomorrow!

Birthday Preparations and Celebrations!

Yesterday was my boyfriends birthday and I had a wonderful time preparing for his day. First I wrapped all his presents very fall like in newspaper and fun fall ribbon. Next I made a steak for dinner and carrot cake for dessert (both his favorites).

The carrot cake and cream cheese frosting turned out great! For the cream cheese frosting I made one minor adjustment – I added about 1/2 cup more powdered sugar so it would be a bit thicker and spread nicely on the cake. Enjoy!

Wrapping Fun

Over the last couple of weeks I’ve needed to wrap a couple presents for birthdays, weddings, and bachelorette parties. I liked how they turned out so much I thought I would share! Hope you enjoy the paper and the ribbon as much as I do!