My Condo on Apartment Therapy!

Hey Guys! I am just so excited. My condo was featured on Apartment Therapy this weekend. I never really shared pics of the condo because I did a lot of it before I started my blog. But I am so excited that they were shared!

Here are a couple peaks but be sure to see all the pics on Apartment Therapy (link here)!






Thanks to Apartment Therapy for the feature! Hope you all like it!

Design Crush: McGrath II

I have long been a fan of McGrath II Design Firm. I love their traditional sophistication mixed with feminine details.

Screen Shot 2015-11-04 at 6.25.08 AM

This NYC apartment is just to die for. So beautifully layered. Maximizing every ounce of the small space.

Screen Shot 2015-11-04 at 6.25.03 AM

Screen Shot 2015-11-04 at 6.24.47 AM

Screen Shot 2015-11-04 at 6.25.35 AM

Screen Shot 2015-11-04 at 6.25.23 AM

And this wallpaper. I love love love the idea of taking a mural an just splashing it all over walls. Gorgeous!

Design Crush: Ashley Whittaker

Sharing a favorite today….Ashley Whittaker. See her portfolio here.

Ashely Whittaker Design Lattice Interior Walls

Ashley Whittaker Design 2

staircase heaven. and I love love love that wallpaper.

Ashley Whittaker Design 3

Ashley Whittaker Design 4

love a navy butlers pantry. I have been thinking about doing ours in a lacquered navy as well.

Ashley Whittaker Design 5

Ashley Whittaker Design 6

Ashley Whittaker Design 7

Ashley Whittaker Design 8

gorgeous! happy monday!

Design Crush: Marianne Simon

Quick inspiration for you this AM. Marianne Simon Design. Love her muted color pallets (which is a little uncharacteristic of me) but she uses nuetrals in a beautiful way to still give depth to any room. And all of her kitchens are fantastic.

Marianne Simon 1


Marianna Simon 2

I LOVE this paisley print wallpaper. Gives nice pattern to the bathroom while still keeping it neutral.

Marianne Simon 3

Love how gorgeous this living room is. Love how she mixed white with the dark mantle to anchor the room.

Marianne Simon 4

I always love a good banquet at a table!

Design Crush: Amanda Nisbet

Highlighting the sophisticated color of designer Amanda Nisbet today. Each room of hers brings together the best color combinations and pulls it together is a livable but traditional, sophisticated way. I love them all!

Amanda Nisbet Inspiration 2

I have seen these printed walls before – heaven! I love how the pink should end up being such a girlie space, however she seems to pull it off with enough neutrals that make it so traditional with just a pinch of drama.

Amanda Nisbet Inspiration 1

Amanda Nisbet Inspiration 3

Loving this one – same colors as I am doing my living room but a bit brighter – just love the chartreuse!

Amanda Nisbet Inspiration 5

Amanda Nisbet Inspiration 6

Haven! I love bold painted trim. I hope one day I am brave enough to go there!

Amanda Nisbet Inspiration 7

Gorgeous! Love the traditional printed drapes paired with the contemporary furniture.

Amanda Nisbet Inspiration 8

Amanda Nisbet Inspiration 4

Again, over the moon for the painted trim – so dramatic!

Amanda Nisbet Inspiration 9

I’m in love! She uses so much yellow/chartreuse which I think a lot of people are afraid of, but pulls it off in such an impact full way!

Design Crush: Summer Thornton

I recenlty discovered Summer Thornton and just fell in love instantly. Her traditional styles mixed with fun spunky colors and prints is my kind of heaven.

TNPLH: Design Crush Summer Thornton 1Such bold color in this room and love the gloomy mysterious walls

TNPLH: Design Crush Summer Thornton 2

TNPLH: Design Crush Summer Thornton 3Who wouldn’t be happy waking up in this room every day? Love the print mixing.

TNPLH: Design Crush Summer Thornton 4

TNPLH: Design Crush Summer Thornton 6Love the whimsical zebras – I have always loved this wallpaper, but you don’t’ usually see it in brown, nor do I usually like brown, but I guess she could convert me with this room.

TNPLH: Design Crush Summer Thornton 7I would die, seriously die, to cook here – please invite me down (I mean chicago is pretty close) I make a mean chocolate chip cookie.

TNPLH: Design Crush Summer Thornton 8What a welcoming entry way! That’s what I call pink walls!