Horchow Place Setting

Thanksgiving is just around the corner and it starts me thinking of one of my favorite pastimes – setting a table. For holidays (or lets be honest a random Saturday) my sisters and I love setting the table. We often fight over how it will be done to make the most beautiful gathering. Leading up to Thanksgiving I will highlight some fun unconventional ways to set your table this holiday season. I love print mixing and I fell in love with this Horchow set I found recently found.

1. Dinner Plates 2. Glass Set 3. Napkin Rings 4. Silverware

Living Room Inspiration

Some fun inspiration for this sunday afternoon. Hope everyone had a great weekend!

Love all the green tones!

All those pillows mixed and piled together create such a cozy and welcoming home!

I love how this couch takes center stage to pop this room. So often we see the pops come from pillows and accenssories – this is so bold. I love the pop.

This couch plays so well with this modern space and the beautiful windows.

Great print mixing.

This blue color reminds me of Carrie Bradshaws re done apartment in the first movie – enough said.

All living room inspiration discovered on houseandhomeuk